Fangland by John Marks

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**may contain spoilers**

The first think that got my attention was the cover of Fangland. It’s very dark and mysterious and splattered with blood. My kind of book. When I received Fangland in the mail I began reading it at once. Evangeline Harker is a producer. She goes to Transylvania to interview Ion Torgu. Torgu is very mysterious man with all kinds of secrets. Is he a criminal? Is he a vampire? Is he something worse?
What I like about the book: The newsroom characters were quirky, from a civil war reenactor to someone thinking the network is always 'out to get them' . I found them very entertaining. The story was told from different perspectives. Some of the story was told through email and journal entries. I liked this because you got to see the mayhem that was happening back at the office. I liked the characters reactions because they were mostly believable. I liked the story line. It kept me interested and curious on what was going on. The ending was okay.
What I didn’t like about the book: There were a few moments when I wanted to smack Evangeline. She ignores her common sense and her gut feelings and gets into the car with Torgu, a criminal. I wanted to scream “Are you out of your mind? Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to get into a car with a known or suspected criminal? Stranger Danger, Evangeline”. However if she didn’t ignore her gut, it wouldn’t have been much of a story. So I’ll let that pass.

I recieved this book through Crazy Book Tours. My thanks to Jennifer at Crazy Book Tours for all your help.


  1. I haven't heard of this book, this looks really cool.
    Great review thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love the Stranger, Danger comment!! LOL! Glad you liked the book and thanks for participating in the tour!


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