The King's Daughter by Sandra Worth

Title: The King's Daughter
Author: Sandra Worth
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication date: 2008
paperback 401 pages
ISBN: 978-0-425-22144-0
Genre: Historical Fiction

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth of York trusts that her beloved father’s dying wish has left England in the hands of a just and deserving ruler. But upon the rise of Richard of Gloucester, Elizabeth's family experiences one devastation after another: her late father is exposed as a bigamist, she and her siblings are branded bastards, and her brothers are taken into the new king’s custody, then reportedly killed.

But one fateful night leads Elizabeth to question her prejudices. Through the eyes of Richard's ailing queen she sees a man worthy of respect and undying adoration. His dedication to his people inspires a forbidden love and ultimately gives her the courage to accept her destiny, marry Henry Tudor, and become Queen. While her soul may secretly belong to another, her heart belongs to England.

I really enjoyed this book. I wanted to neglect everything just so I could read it. This is a wonderful story of Elizabeth of York. Sandra Worth uses very accurate details on the woman who put duty and love for her country above her own personal desires. Elizabeth is gentle, kind and generous. She lives a lonely existence surrounded by an overbearing mother-in-law and people hired by her husband, King Henry VII, to spy on her. King Henry executes practically everyone in her family because they are a threat to his throne. Elizabeth bares it like no other woman could. She tries to do good where she can, and be a gentle influence on her husband. King Henry was rude, suspicious and miserly. He wasn’t an easy man to care for. This was not a marriage of love but a marriage of political security. My heart went out to Elizabeth. I wanted so much more for her than she got. Sandra Worth made these historical characters come back to life. She is the author of 5 books set during the War of the Roses. This was the first book I read by her and I can’t wait to read more. I highly recommend this book. It's definitely a 'To Read'.

*I received this book courtesy of Sandra Worth for review. This is no way affected my review or did I receive any compensation.
*picture and book summary taken from Goodreads


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