Bleak House Readalong Aug. 25- Oct 27

A couple years ago I watched Bleak House on PBS and LOVED it.  I bought the book with every intention of reading it for the past few years, but alas it just sat upon my shelf.  Early this week I came across The Zen Leaf blog and discovered that Amanda is doing a Bleak House readalong. I thought this would be a fun way to finally read this book. You can participate too, just sign up at the The Zen Leaf.  Here is the reading schedule:

Bleak House was originally published over the course of 19 months, in 20 installments (the last month being a double installment). Instead of spreading this out for 19 weeks, though, as that would take until Christmas, I think two installments per week would work. We would post on the following schedule:

Aug 25 - Chapters 1-7

Sept 1 - Chapters 8-13

Sept 8 - Chapters 14-19

Sept 15 - Chapters 20-25

Sept 22 - Chapters 26-32

Sept 29 - Chapters 33-38

Oct 6 - Chapters 39-46

Oct 13 - Chapters 47-53

Oct 20 - Chapters 54-59

Oct 27 - Chapters 60-67


  1. I read Bleak House many years ago...remembered enjoying it, but that it was one of the more difficult Dickens' reads that I had. Hope you enjoy it:)


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