Love Sucks with Lauren Hammond

I am so excited to have Lauren Hammond stopping by today on her blog tour. She is here promoting her latest novel Love Sucks.  Check out what Lauren has to say about her new novel:

The sun rises on the last day of your life just like any other, but nightfall lasts forever unless you are awake to it.

Love Sucks isn’t your typical vampire-romance novel. When I began writing Love Sucks, I wanted to create a character that not only I could relate to but, my readers could relate to as well. So from there, Cara Jones was born. I remember sitting down to write this and thinking from the very first paragraph, okay Lauren, You’re trapped in box, buried under the earth. How would you react? What would you do? I honestly think by putting myself in Cara shoes and feeling everything she feels, I was able to create a great, loveable character.

I wanted my readers to the same thing I did when they read Love Sucks. I wanted them to really put themselves in Cara’s shoes. I wanted them to feel everything she felt. So the novel is completely written from Cara’s point of view. This way you can feel what it’s like to no longer crave human food, see how you’d react to your changing body, and simply understand what it’s like to be Cara Jones.

This novel began as a screenplay and has evolved into so much more. Due to all of the positive attention, a sequel is in the works. A Sucker For Love will be released in the Summer of 2011. Allow Love Sucks to take you on the journey of a lifetime, literally. Now I only have one thing left to say….. Are you ready to be sucked in?

So where can you buy this book you ask? Head over to Pumkin Books or Amazon to purchuse your book.
You can also find Lauren on her blog, Facebook, and twitter @NovelistLauren
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  1. Interesting interview :)
    Hope the book does well!

  2. Great piece I know it would scare the bejeepers out of me to be put in the place of your character; a true crime story I read in a magazine as a kid made that one of my biggest fears. Brwuhuwuh(shudder)

    I just grabbed the badge for this blog. Stay well.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust


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