Mercy's Embrace: So Rough A Course by Laura Hile

Title: Mercy's Embrace: So Rough A Course
Author: Laura Hile
Publisher: Wytherngate Press
Publication Date: March 21, 2009
Paperback 219 pages
ISBN: 10:0-9728529-7-2

Twenty-nine winters' revolving frosts have brought no change to Miss Elliot's matrimonial state.
Elizabeth Elliot is as beautiful as ever, yet no gentleman of proper stature has requested her hand. Lady Russell claims she is too particular, but Elizabeth begs to differ. She is not about to settle for a gentleman of no distinction like her sister Mary. Nor will she follow her heart and marry a commoner with no title but Captain--that was Anne's mistake. As for romance and the tender stirrings of the heart, why, only a simpleton would fall prey to such foolishness! But when the proud Miss Elliot encounters a pair of smiling Irish eyes in a most unsuitable man of vulgar connections, she is tempted to change her opinion. Almost. Jane Austen's beloved Persuasion provides the backdrop for this delightful romp set in Regency England.

If you have read any of my past reviews you know that I love Jane Austen. I am also a fan of sequels, what if , and variation stories that her fans have written. My favorite book by Jane Austen is Persuasion.
I gush every time I read the letter Captain Wentworth writes to Anne. Mercy's Embrace is a sequel to Persuasion. However this book is not about Anne but her older sister Elizabeth. I have to admit in Persuasion, Elizabeth was not one of my favorite characters. She is vain, rude, obnoxious and snarky. So why did I read this story you ask? I read it because I remembered the saying "Everyone has a story". I wanted to find out about Elizabeth Elliot's story.
Laura Hile picks up the story right after Captain Wentworth and Anne's engagement. She brings back all the beloved characters and introduces us to some new ones. Laura sticks to the characters original personalities. I think Jane Austen would be proud. The story line is good. Elizabeth is forced to make sacrifices due to her financial situation. She has the Elliot pride and is on the look out for a wealthy husband. Elizabeth finds a suitor but does not like him, much less love him. She forms an unlikely friendship with the charming Mr. Gill who is not at all wealthy or so she believes. Elizabeth starts to learn lessons in humility, prudence, patience and love. In this story you can start to see the evolution of Elizabeth's character. There are also some delightful surprises along the way. Elizabeth is friends with none other than Caroline Bingley. I have to say I was tickled to see the crossover. Laura Hile has done a wonderful job in this sequel to Persuasion. It has made me like and understand Elizabeth Elliot a little more.

Mercy's Embrace is a three part book series: So Rough A Course, So Lively A Chase and The Lady Must Decide. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks when I review the next two in the series.

*My thanks to Laura Hile, Pamela Mogen and Wytherngate Press for providing me a copy of the Mercy's Embrace Trilogy to review.
This in no way influenced my review.