Sunday Confessions August 22, 2010

I was all set to do my Sunday Confessions post on another subject. However I came across some things this week that really ruffled my feathers: A YA author was uninvited to a book event because of the contents in her book and bloggers ragging on other bloggers about their book subject choices and/or genre choices.

It’s your purgative what you read. You should read what makes you happy. But do you have the right to make that decision for someone else? My answer is a big, fat NO. Take a second to think about this: A world where everyone reads the exact same thing and has the exact same opinions. Are you bored? I am. One thing I love about the book blogging world is visiting different blogs and seeing what they are reading. I have found some excellent books of all genres that way. Books I might not have known about otherwise. I also love reading the different opinions everyone has. You can agree or disagree on my reviews. It’s cool. We all have different opinions. It’s what makes the world go round. But I don’t appreciate someone telling me what books I should not be reading or ragging on my genre choice.
I am an eclectic book blogger. I have many different interests. I am not going to start to limit myself because someone thinks I shouldn’t read a certain genre or subject. I read a bloggers rant this week on not liking adults blogging about YA books. My question is why? Just because I am an adult doesn’t mean I have to put on granny panties, starting eating bran flakes, drinking prune juice and only reading ‘sophisticated literature’. Please! Stop being such a literary snob. If a book is good it should be read regardless of its classification. There are some phenomenal books out there that you are going to miss out on if you can’t get past the book’s classification or subject matter. Not every book is for everyone, but don’t come down on someone because they like something that you don’t! Especially if you haven’t even read the book in question.
Judging a book by its genre is a form of prejudice. Telling people not to read a book because of its contents is censorship. I repeat what I said earlier: Read what makes YOU happy!

Thanks for reading my rant. This subject is important to me.  I would love to know what you think on this subject.


  1. And to this post I say AMEN!

    I read what I want and people who don't like it make me laugh. I'm sorry, are you going to tell me how to dress or how to wipe my ass too? NO THANKS!

    I love living in a country where I can choose to read whichever books strike my fancy! :)

  2. You should visit me on Saturdays. I do a blog each week called: "Saturdays, Uncensored!" Very to the point. Good for you.

    Adam @

  3. I agree with you so much on this topic!
    I tried to donate some books to my daughters school and they wouldn't allow some of them because they were some that had teen sex in them. Hello?! A kiss does not equal sex! I was frustrated!

    I allow my 15 yr old to read whatever she wants. I don't censor what she reads. My parents didn't and neither will I. My daughter actually enjoys reading now that she knows I won't judge her.

  4. Ditto! I'm shocked that any book blogger would rag on any author -- writing is writing! That is so upsetting!

  5. Great post.

    I'm an adult and like to read YA but also very hot and kinky erotica. People don't have to like everything what I read but I expect them to respect my choices.

    Everyone should be able to read what she/he wants.

  6. Hear hear! Everyone should read what they want, when they want - and do whatever they like with their own blog. It's their space to share their thoughts, so why should anyone else have the right to judge? Read it or don't, end of. It's like when people say that anyone who likes Twilight must be an idiot. I loved it, but I've also adored all kinds of other books, from Bill Bryson to Alexandre Dumas, and I read anything and everything!
    Great post to round off the weekend! :-)

    Ellie @ Musings of a Bookshop Girl

  7. Hello! There is an award for you over at my blog!

  8. Totally one should be told what to what makes you happy!!


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