Bleak House read a long (3)

Bleak House Read A Long
Chapters 14-19

My thoughts:
I liked these chapters so much more than the last ones. I found them far more entertaining. First, I have another name to add to the list of ridiculous names of ridiculous people  Can you guess?  That's right it's Mr. Turveydrop!  So now we have Mrs. Jellyby, Mr. Skimpole, Mrs. Pardiggle, Mr. Guppy and Mr. Turveydrop. I was sorry to see Mr Skimpole in these chapters.  Every time he says "I am a child" I want to throw my book across the room.
I also liked the way Charles Dickens shows us people at different stages in their lives waiting on their court judgement.  First he shows us the young Jarndyces. They are full of hope and love with their lives before them.  Then you meet Miss Flite. She is an older woman, who lives alone with her birds that she will set free on the day of her court judgement.  In these chapters you met Mr. Gridley who has grown bitter waiting on his judgement.  Dickens shows the effect that the delayed court decisions have on these people.  Richard is starting to show signs of wear by relying that the judgement will be in their favor. Spending money like he has it and not settling in a career.
I was happy to get to know more about Esther's past.  Esther and Lady Dedlock have some sort of connection. I can't decide if I like Lady Dedlock yet.  She holds many secrets. Hopefully I will learn more of them in next weeks chapters.