Bleak House read a long (4)

My thoughts on Chapters 20-25:
I found myself getting a little lost every once and awhile trying to keep up with all the characters and the story lines. I found Mr. Smallwood's character funny.  Every time he through the pillow at his wife, it made me smile a little. Dickens definitely gives us diverse characters.  I am wondering what the heck is going on with the French maid.  I felt as if she had a some sort of secret of inside information she wanted to give to Esther. Richard is starting to irritate me. He is very flighty. He has no idea what to do with his future. I can't blame  Mr. Jarndyce for his actions towards Richard. I loved Mr. Turveydrop's reaction to Prince and Caddy's engagement. Can you say drama queen? Mrs. Jellyby doesn't seem to care what's going on with her family, only Africa. The chapter with Mr. Grindly, Ms. Flite and George was heartbreaking. I like Jo and  I am curious to see where Dickens takes his character.


  1. I'm definitely wondering what's up with the French maid at this point. And Richard is sinking lower on my list (although probably not lower than Skimpole-ugh) the further we get in to the story. Mr Turveydrop was so funny at the engagement scene!


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