Bleak House read a long (5)

My thoughts on Chapters 26-32:
Well, we are about half way through with this book. Some parts of this book have moved really slow for me while others are a lot more interesting.  The chapters with Mr. George, Mr. Smallweed, and Mr. Tulkinghorn moved really slow for me. They are interested in the mystery man, Nemo; but why are they interested? Hopefully Dickens will clear that up soon. Caddy finally married Prince. I was happy to see her mom showing her some tenderness at the end of the chapter. I was beginning to think she didn't care about anything but Africa. I do feel sorry for Mr. Jellyby, but part of me wishes he would stand up to the Mrs. I was sorry to see that Jo is sick. I hope he makes it. Mr. Skimpole makes another annoying appearance in the scenes with Jo.  Dickens has given Mr. Jarndyce the patience of a saint. I don't know how Jarndyce puts up with him and his childlike ways. My favorite part of BH is Lady Deadlock. She has many secrets I think. We learned one this week, she is Esther's mother. I can't wait to find out the story behind that. Mr. Guppy is sweet in a creepy, stalkerish sort of way, by trying to find out about Esther's past.


  1. I'm still trailing behind with Bleak House, but enjoying it. I know all these different stories will come together soon!


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