Bleak House read a long (6)

Bleak House Read A Long (6)
Chapters 33-38

My thoughts on Bleak House: 
Weevle and Guppy lie to themselves by agreeing they are not conspiring. Mrs. Snagsby keeps giving the evil eye to Mr. Snagsby about the Spontaneous Combustion. Which is unsettling to every party involved.  Mr. Tulkinghorn runs into Guppy at Lady D's house. The wheel of suspicion start to turn in his head.  Esther is slowly recovering from a mystery illness. Does anyone know what it is? It leaves her disfigured. However the people in Esther's life show nothing but love. It was really very sweet. Also Esther's feelings are known about Dr. Woodcourt. I know that he has been mentioned before but he has not really made much of an appearance. I wish Dickens would have developed his character a little more. I feel he is a stranger in this story. Mr. Boythorn offers his house to Esther so that she may recover. Esther discovers that Lady D. is her mother. They have a short but sweet reunion then Lady D. tells her she can never see her again. I have to tell you I did not like this. I felt it was cruel to tell her. Ava and Esther are reunited and it's a touching scene.  Richard comes for a visit. He has taken up with none other than Mr. Skimpole. Richard was already walking a thin line for me, but this pushed him over the edge. I no longer care for Richard. Jarndyce and Jarndyce has definitely changed him and not for the better. Mr. Guppy has also proven to be a jerk. Good riddance, Mr. Guppy.
P.S. I want a growlery!