Bleak House Readalong Ch. 8-13

This week for the readalong we read chapters 8-13.  I had a hard time getting through some of these chapters.  I have to say, if I ever get Insomnia, I might have to reread them. I did like a lot too:   My. Gubby made a hilarious proposal to Esther. Esther refuses and Mr. Guppy becomes a stalker.  A man named Nemo dies. Richard has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. There is a mystery surrounding Lady Dedlock and the mystery man Nemo. Ada and Richard fall in love .I think Charles Dickens purposely gives ridiculous names to his ridiculous characters. Yes, I'm talking about Mrs. Pardiggle.  I felt sorry for her sons and for the Brickmaker and his family, or anyone in general who might have the misfortune of crossing her path.


  1. Yay-you enjoyed Guppy's proposal too. I just found it so funny.

    And Mrs Pardiggle's name makes me giggle.

  2. I'm not reading the book but if my name was Pardiggle can you imagine the kidding her husband got with that name???

    It does make you laugh when you say it!

    Heather Buried in Books

  3. It's funny because I didn't even notice the Lady Dedlock and Nemo connection until, um, like chapter 30 or so. Seriously.


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