The 12th Kiss by Laura Hogg

Title: The 12th Kiss
Author: Laura Hogg
Publisher: Wings epress
Publication Date: 2007
ebook, 334 pages
ISBN-10: 1597058270
ISBN-13: 978-1597058278

  • An American heiress living in 19th century London can fight and uses her talent to go about in disguise as a superhero and make the streets safer. She meets and falls in love with a Viscount and they become close friends. They wander the City s most dangerous streets together, fighting crime. All the while, she has an enemy who wants her dead. The Viscount is in love with the American heiress, not knowing that she is the best friend he tells his deepest secrets to. He proposes marriage, and she turns him down because he would make her give up fighting if he discovered her true identity. They finally marry and for the sake of true love, he releases her. Their hearts are broken until they can find a way to reconcile their deeply different points of view. All ends well after a bumpy ride where true love was almost lost forever, under the weight of crushed dreams.
Who is in the mood for romance? If you are I suggest you check this book out. It's a regency romance, which I love. The characters are great. Relief or leafy is the main character. She is beautiful, smart, rich and a master of disguise.  The story takes place in London, Where she is visiting with Honora, not only her sister but her best friend and co-conspirator, trying to discover who stole her uncle's precious jewel. Leafy dresses up nightly as Raphael, a youthful boy, to go fight injustice in the city.  This reminded me a little of Robin Hood but with a kick-a** heroine  instead. Lord Cheltham befriends Raphael with the purpose of getting closer to Relief, not knowing they are one in the same. Relief struggles with her feelings for him. She knows if she marries Lord Cheltham, he will never allow her the freedoms she has come to enjoy. This was a really enjoyable read. I liked the characters a lot. I love the chemistry between Lord Cheltham and Relief. There are some pretty steamy scenes in this book. I also like how the characters evolve throughout the story. They both have to learn to compromise. This book is full of mystery, romance and action. Laura Hogg takes us on an exciting adventure that I think you will enjoy.  

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