Bleak House read a long (7-8)

Last week I didn't do a post for the Bleak House read a long. I got behind a little in my reading. I am caught up now, I think. I know I'm not the only one. I think some of my fellow participants have given up reading Bleak House. However I will not. I'm so close to the end, I am determined to finish it. Bleak House isn't the easiest of books to read. There are a lot of characters to keep up with and Dickens goes on countless rants. I do like the story line and Dickens uses  unusual ways to get his point across. This weeks post is on chapters 39-53.
So much is going on in these chapters I hardly know where to begin. First let me state. I don't care for Mr. Vholes. He grates on my nerves. Mr. Vholes is advising poor Richard. Richard is obsessed with the Jarndyce. He is getting ill advise from Mr. Vholes and Mr. Skimpole. In these chapters Richard has been declining both financially and physically. He even refuses to listen to Esther, whom he respects. Esther's health is improving, but she is sad over her scarred face. In a weird way I was glad about this. Up until now, Esther seemed too perfect for me. I like characters to be a little flawed, it makes them more realistic. Esther is also stressing over the news that Lady Deadlock it her mom. She is scared that someone will uncover he secret and will ruin her mother. Lady Deadlock's health has been declining. I suppose it's from the weight she carries from all her regrets and secrets. I like her more than I originally did. I feel I understand her better. The rest of the world sees her as everything a Lady should be, while inside she suffers in silence.  However all her work to keep her secret is undone by Mr. Tulkinghorn. Mr. Tulkinghorn is a despicable man who got his come up-pence in these chapters. However, Dickens introduces us to a new mystery. Who killed Tulkinghorn? There are three suspects. Lady Deadlock, Hortence, and George. They all had probable cause. Two things that surprised me the most are. Mr. Jarndyce asking Esther to marry him. Especially since she look at him as a father figure. I was even more surprised when she accepted him. I did not see that coming. The second thing was Richard and Ada's secret marriage. That is not going to end well.  I was glad to see more of Mr. Woodcourt. I think Esther still has feelings for him. I'm not sure how he feels about her. He seems to be a good character. So I guess we will see.