Bleak House read a long (9)

I can't believe it's almost over! This weeks chapters are Ch. 54-59. Mr. Bucket informs Sir Dedlock about the situations between Lady Dedlock and Mr. Tulkinghorn. Mr. Bucket also arrests Hortense for the murderer of Mr. Tulkinghorn. This does not surprise me in the least. She has been a crazy character from the beginning.  Lady Dedlock realizes that her secret in no longer a secret. She leaves a note for Sir. Dedlock and leaves with nothing. I felt sorry for her. I know she did not wish to bring disgrace on the Dedlock family but surely Sir Dedlock would have taken pity on her. He loved her so. The only other reason I can think is that she was torn up over the years of harboring secrets that she couldn't think straight. Sir Dedlock enlists the aid of Mr. Bucket to find his Lady. Mr. Bucket asks for Esther help in uncovering her mother. They search the streets for two days and nights until they find Lady Dedlock dead. I think these chapters were the most depressing of the book. Poor Esther just finds out who her mother is and now Lady Dedlock is no more. I sincerely hope that the next set of chapters is a lot better. It has to end better.


  1. That ending to this section sucked-I really wish they could have saved Lady Dedlock.


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