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I am so excited to have Deborah Kerbel here today as a guest blogger. Deborah's book Lure has just been released in time for Halloween.  Today she talks about her ghostly inspiration for wrinting her latest novel. Check it out!

Some Ghostly Musings…
So my new YA novel, LURE, is a ghost story that takes place in a real-life haunted library around the corner from where I live. This library was actually converted from an old, Victorian home.  When I first got the idea for the book, I thought it would be a fun story to write.  I was intrigued with the history of the old library and all the ghost sightings that had been reported there over the years.  An apparition of an old lady moaning in a rocking chair…the smell of phantom smoke in the stairwell…a dog growling and bristling as his eyes followed something unseen around the front parlour ...and many more stories than I have the space to mention here.  It was all great material for my book.  And since I didn’t really believe in ghosts, I wasn’t scared in the slightest.  I even brought my kids along with me to the haunted library as I took pictures and researched the novel.  It was just a creaky old building…nothing to be afraid of. 
But then when I started writing the book, that all began to change. The deeper I got into the story of John – my ghostly character - the more and skittish and uncertain I became. Writing late at night had always been an oasis of calm for me.  But while writing LURE, it was a chilling experience.  Every house creak and bump was the library ghost coming for me.  Every shadow on the wall was something sinister floating in the darkened room.  During those frantic weeks of writing, my imagination started to run away from my senses.  More than once, I had to shake my husband awake up to go check the house while I lay cowering under the covers.  Clearly, I was starting to believe...
And then one day, the head librarian suggested that I should come in after hours to tour the ‘off limits’ section of the old building where many of the ghost sightings had been reported.  “It’ll be great for your research,” she added. 
I was terrified, but I agreed.  The day I showed up for my private tour was, of course, a stormy and dark one.  As the librarian took me upstairs to see the rooms where the long dead families who’d first inhabited the building had slept, I held my breath – certain with every cell of my body that one of the ghosts was going to appear before me.  After all, I was writing a book about their library – how could they pass up the chance to haunt me? 
I took the tour with my heart in my throat…but in the end, there was nothing to see up there except for some old storage rooms and empty bookshelves. Any trace of the long-departed families was long gone and the ghosts, as prepared as I was to receive them, were nowhere to be seen that day.  I have to admit; I left the library that day feeling a bit disappointed. 
Now just over a year later, as LURE is getting ready to launch, I think back to that dark, stormy day in the library when my entire belief system had turned itself on end.  That chilling moment when I found myself believing, down to the core of my soul, that ghosts really did exist.  To this day, even after many visits back to the haunted library, I still haven’t seen a ghost.  And, let’s face it, I probably never will.  But as the ‘spooky’ season approaches, it’s thrilling to believe in those otherworldly possibilities…even just a little bit. 

Thank you Deborah for stopping by today. If you want to find out more about Deborah or check out her other books, stop by her website


  1. This was a great post! And I have add the book to my TBR and OMG a real life haunted library, Stellar! I am very much interested in reading this book.. I'm not to big on YA but I am sold on LURE! YAY for me...


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