Lure by Deborah Kerbel

Title: Lure
Author: Deborah Kerbel
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication Date: Sept. 20, 2010
paperback, 198 pages
ISBN: 978-1-55488-754-5

Absolutely nothing is going right for Max Green. His parents have just uprooted their family from Vancouver to the bleak suburbs of Toronto, he has no friends, and everybody at his new high school is ignoring him. To make matters worse, he's in love with an older girl who's completely out of his league.
When Max discovers a local library rumored to be haunted by ghosts, he's immediately drawn to it. With the help of some cryptic messages, he begins to piece together the identity of the teenage ghost and the mysterious chain of events that have connected its spirit to the building for over a century. But just who was John, anyway? Why has he chosen to contact Max? And what does an old fishing lure have to do with solving the mystery?

I liked this book. It's told from two points of view, Max and John. Max lives in present time and John lived   during the 1800's. Both, John and Max have interesting stories to tell that seem to parallel each other. John is desperately trying to get Max's attention  to help solve the mystery of his death. Most of the story takes place by or in the Thornhill Village Library, a very eerie place with lots of history.  The story was very interesting and full of drama.  Another really cool thing is that Thornhill Village Library is a actual place and people have reported ghost sightings. The cover of the book is more creepy than the story itself. However it does fit the story. I would recommend this book to anyone 9 years old and up. This book offers suspense without losing any sleep.  If you would like to check out the Guest Post by Deborah Kerbel click here

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*photo and summary taken from Goodreads
*review copy was provided in exchange for review. This in no way influenced my review


  1. That cover is really really creepy...the book sounds interesting and particularly appropriate for the week before Halloween :)


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