Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

Title: Seers of Light
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication Date: February 16, 2010
paperback, 396 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936305-03-2

Lillian Hunt has never truly lived. Always sensing more to the world than is easily perceived, she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy, or worse, mental instability. But some things—disappearing strangers, tangible dreams, and visits from malevolent creatures—cannot be ignored. Before it's too late, Lillian is ripped from the only existence she’s ever known and thrust into a reality that she always suspected, but could scarcely believe. She must learn the truth about who she is, the powerful beings that wish to destroy her, and the two men who would die to protect her. 

I have to give the cover to this book some love! I really like it. It looks ominous and mysterious. I couldn't wait to dive into this book. I first discovered this book on Good reads and after reading the summary I put this book on my TBR list. When I received it in the mail I was thrilled! The first few chapters gave me chills. Jennifer has created a fantastic story. I didn't want to put the book down until I finished it. The story line focuses on Lillian Hunt. She has supernatural abilities that lie untapped until she is saved by Christian, who was sent by others who share the same powers as Lillian.  They want to help her understand and use her powers against their enemies, vampires. I loved Lillian's character. She is vulnerable yet spunky! There is also a love triangle between William, Christian and Lillian. One word : Hot. This story was good from beginning to end.  It's full of action, adventure, and things that go bump in the night. If this book is on your TBR list you need to move it to the top. If you haven't added it yet: DO IT.  This week the next book in the Light Series comes out: Whisper of Light.  I for one can't wait to read it. 

*I received this book from Omnific Publishing for review purposes only. This in no way influenced my review.
*Picture and Summary taken from Good Reads.


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