Guest Post by J.M. Kelly and Drew in Blue giveaway

Today I have the pleasure of having J.M. Kelly on To Read or Not To Read.  J.M. Kelly is the author of Drew In Blue, A contemporary romance with her ideal hero.  She will also be giving away an e-copy of Drew In Blue so be sure to fill out the form below.  

Once upon a time, I was a frustrated reader who could never really find a hero she could fall in literary love with.
See, I have weird taste in leading men. The most interesting part of a character to me is his greatest flaw. His fears, his shortcomings, his insecurities: These are the things that make me sit up and take notice. Thing is, when I read romances, I find myself often confronted with a hero who is well … a little too perfect for his own good.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for bulging biceps, courageous behavior, noble aspirations, and maybe even a fireman’s cap sitting atop a crown of deliciously tousled locks. Trust me, I adore these attributes. Thing is, if they aren’t a little flawed, I start to zone out. And I found myself getting the thousand yard stare about midway through books I really want to like, but I can’t invest in the hero.
When I first began to wonder if I could really sit down and write a novel of my own, this was what compelled me to give it a whirl: If you can’t find the perfect imperfect hero, write one of your own. And this how the roots of Drew In Blue first took hold in my brain.
Drew Doyle is far from perfect. He might not even be the most likeable person at first, but even though he’s  a little selfish and self-absorbed, he has his good points. He’s a talented artist who doesn’t realize just how good he really is. He’s a devoted best friend to his former love, Kristina Moser, and would take on anybody who would dare hurt her. He wants to love and to be loved. And while he didn’t make the best choices when the child he fathered out-of-wedlock was born, when push comes to shove, Drew steps up to the challenge and does everything he can to be the kind of dad his son deserves.  Drew In Blue is about, above all else, redemption and rebirth for a man who’s biggest crime was building a wall around his own heart to protect it from further hurt.
Conflict is always key in a good love story. There must be obstacles to overcome. The hero has to fight for the heroine in order to make it worth our while. But sometimes, the obstacles are a person’s own fears and self-doubt. The challenge for Drew is to leave his own past behind, and learn to trust his heart. And when he finally figures out where he belongs, watch out, because once the floodgates are open, there’s no turning back for him.
Drew Doyle is my perfect flawed hero.  I hope, if you take the time to get to know him, you’ll see my love for him in the words I’ve written. Because I truly adore this man, and I hope you will come to love him even half as much as I do.

Be sure to check out J.M. Kelly's site for more information about Drew In Blue\

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  1. Nice guest post, JM!

    I always seem to encounter the asshat alpha males in the books I read where they're ultra flawed in the arrogance and respect-for-women department, but I can see where the too-perfect type would be boring too.


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