Sunday Confessions Dec. 12, 2010

This is a weekly meme started by yours truly as a way to get to share a bit about myself and also learning more about you. Sometimes its about books and book related topics and sometimes it's not. This is all in good fun and I would love it if you would participate. 

Do you have any MUST reads for the holidays? I have a few books that I love to bring out during the holidays to read.

I read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens every year to the kids. The book isn't very long and it takes us about a week to get through it. Then we watch a bunch of different versions of the movie.

My next favorite is The Polar Express by Chris VanAllsburg. I love the pictures in this book.  The movie is also great and puts me in the mood for hot chocolate.

This last book is one of my absolute favorites. It's called Winter's Tale by Robert Sabuda. It's a pop-up book. This book made me say "oooooooooooo" when I first opened it.

These pictures don't really do this book justice.  It's a fun book that my whole family enjoys!  So what about  you? 
Do you have any holiday MUST reads?

*images taken from Good Reads and Amazon


  1. Can I just say first off that I think this a great meme and the angel is the cutest thing?

    I don't have any holiday must reads but I usually end up watching Elf and Home Alone this time of the year. I may have to add The Polar Express to the list since I watched it last year and loved how realistic the animation was.

    Your pop-up book looks great and just reminded me that me and my brother actually do look through one of his books. It's a pop-up too and although we don't read it, we do go through all the pop-ups because it's fun and the pictures are really well illustrated.

  2. I don't read anything every year, but I did up until I was probably 16. I read How The Grinch Stole Christmas every single year. But it's my favorite kids book, and I often read it during the summer as well Hehe.

  3. I also enjoy _A Winter's Tale_ - isn't is so beautiful?! I read _The Night Before Christmas_ every year and feel a little bit of wonder deep down each time. And one called _The Littlest Snowman_ that's been around my parents' house longer than me.

    Ahh Christmas...

  4. A Christmas Carol, The Night Before Christmas, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

  5. I guess there I don't read the same book over and over each year (if I had kids maybe that would be different). But I HAVE to watch The Christmas Story and White Christmas!

  6. Great meme! I also love the books you picked. My blog is going to be answering your Sunday Confessions each week. :)

  7. Wow! Winter's Tale looks incredible. That is some pop-up book! I read a short story every year, and for the life of me, I can't remember what it's called now! I'm so bad.

  8. Another annual CHRISTMAS CAROL reader? Yay! Me too. One version or another EVERY year. THE POLAR EXPRESS is a newer find as the movie is actually what drew it out of hiding for me...but good nonetheless. That pop? Simply magical. Great shares! Might I suggest a new one that hit shelves this year....THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: THE LEGEND OF SANTA CLAUS by Tim Slover. It was a really good book with a great dose of holiday spirit. Happy holidays...and happy reading!


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