With Love, Now and Forever by RaeAnne Hadley

Title: With Love, Now and Forever
Author: RaeAnne Hadley
Publisher: lulu
Publication Date: May 10, 2010
paperback, 274 pages
ISBN: 978-0-557-35076-6

Summary: Multiple soul mates. She ran the statement through her shocked brain, allowing it to seep into her broken heart. Twelve years after losing the love of her life, she was being told that everyone has more than one chance at true love. Could it possibly be true? From outward appearances, Anastasia Cassadine has the perfect life; a very successful company and handsome men vying to be her companion. But the appearance she projects is terribly misleading. Ana is haunted by a dark secret from her past, one that involved her first love, Austin Troy.Ana is still grieving when she meets Rick Montgomery, the attractive psychic who immediately puts her on her guard, though their attraction is undeniable. As they get closer, dark forces gather to tear them apart.Once more forced to relive the terror that forced her and Austin apart so many years before, Ana and Rick must join together to battle the darkness that will threaten everything they know.

This paranormal romance centers around Ana Cassadine, a successful woman unable to get over her first love, Austen. She travels to England for the reading of Austin's will. There she meets Austin's widow, Jennifer and a psychic Rick Montgomery.  The chemistry between the characters really worked for me. Their emotions and reactions to each other are very realistic. I really liked the story line. It was entertaining and at times a bit creepy.  The paranormal aspect of this book was my favorite part.  It was dark and mysterious and kept me wanting more. Without giving too much away I also love Ana's reaction to the paranormal elements.  This was a quick and easy read. Very enjoyable. 
RaeAnne Hadley has also written Mechanics of Murder. To find out more information on RaeAnne Hadley and her novels click here.

*picture and summary taken from Good Reads
* This book was provided for review purposes through Bostick Communications and RaeAnne Hadley. This in no way influenced my review.


  1. Oooh so her ex dies... Hmmm sounds really good... I shouldn't be excited about the dying part, but I'm eerie like that so yuppers, will be taking a look at this! The review was great thanks!


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