The Eye of the Storm by William L.K.

Title: The Eye of the Storm
Author: William L.K.
Publisher: Sci-Fi-Cafe
Publication Date: Dec. 2, 2010
Available on Kindle only@ Amazon $2.39

Summary: The Eye of the Storm opens the Stritonoly Chronicles series in glorious style on Dmitri, son of the Czar of Stritonoly, driven insane by the forbidden poison of the slave-race Acidel sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events. A terrifying and eternal force stalks the forest nearby as a storm of epic proportions gathers over the Citadel.

This futuristic tale takes place light years away from Earth, on the planet Stritonoly. William L.K. created a fascinating world in which the characters live.  Stritonoly is very similar to Earth but with it's own distinct landscape. It has many interesting and original creatures.  I really liked the story line in this book. It's very compelling. There are many religious and historical undertones in this book. There is also a parallel story that is very poignant  and interesting 
The diversity of the characters was really appealing. They are all flawed in many ways. However I could almost understand their motivation even in their madness. I think my favorite character is Ethan Educi. He is the royal tutor whose quest for knowledge of things unknown in the universe leave him deeply unsatisfied. He questions the meaning of it all.
I really liked this story. I found it entertaining while at the same time taking on some weighty subjects. This is the first book in the Stritonoly Chronicles. The next book in this series is Barok's Exodus.

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