Guest Post and Giveaway with R.G Cordiner

Today on To Read or Not To Read, I have teacher and author, R.G. Cordiner. He has written several books including. Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs The Candy King and Bug Island. 

Why write middle grade fiction?

This was a question that has been posed to me by a number of people, most notable my wife.  "Why not write romance, or thrillers?" she asked.  "You know, something that sells!"  I suppose my answer is - that's just what I write.  It took me a long time to finally write my first novel, Treasure Lost.  I had tried to write a book many times and failed-  the main reason was that I over plotted - to the extent that I felt I'd written the book already.  The genesis of the book was from my work.  I am a school teacher.  I love to read books to kids.  But I found that the books I was looking for - fast paced, action packed, but also with sufficient enriching vocabulary.  And cliffhangers.  There are few things better than leaving the class on a cliffhanger and then sending them off to lunch - they are so disappointed!  ... and so keen to hear / read more!  And that's what I want.  These are the years where we remember the books we read, where kids are still keen to read (I hope) and that is why I write middle grade fiction.  ... if only it paid better!  :)

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R.G. Cordiner has generously agreed to give away one copy of each of his three books on kindle. If you don't have a kindle don't forget about all the free kindle apps that are available here.

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  1. I love that the author is fired up about keeping kids at that age interested in reading. My daughter sort of fell off the reading bandwagon when she entered high school, and sometimes I think it was because there was not enough good stuff out there in middle school to keep her excited about reading. She would say, of course, that she had too much schoolwork in h.s. to read "for fun", lol.


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