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Today I have the ever awesome Jennifer DeLucy here. If you haven't checked out her books Seers of Light and Whisper of Light you seriously need to. I am so excited for her to stop by and talk about using love as a symbol.

Using love as a symbol…
Hi everybody! For my guest post today, I really wanted to talk to you about the purpose of love in The Light Series, specifically, of romantic love.  I’ve never really talked about this before, but, the main characters of the Light Series are very intentional, they each stand for something of their own—a character virtue, a vice, a testament to life that I like to use to move people.  Let me talk about some main characters (or the two main couples, essentially), to explain what I mean. Without going into detail about who ends up with whom (for the sake of those who haven’t read the series yet), I’ll start out with Lily.
You could say that Lily Hunt is one half of the heart of the series, where book two is told from the perspective of a different character. Lily is important because she introduces you to this world from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about it. She experiences things as the reader (and the author, for that matter) would. We all start out infants in Seers, but by book two, we’re far more prepared to walk in a Sentiently world.
Lily is ready. She’s willing and, after a time, she’s able. She’s sick of feeling like she has to pretend to be something she’s not, always longing for a truer life. Lily is stubborn and a bit quick to react, I’ll admit, but she's also passionate and brave and she knows her own heart.  Lily represents the part of us that is desperately longing to break free of whatever feels untrue, inauthentic for our own lives. She is the will and courage to embrace a life lived fully.
That’s not so easy, after all, being brave and whatnot.  Most of us are somewhere in between—or less.  Take Nicole Abbot, for example. She’s the protagonist for book two, and she’s far more reserved, far more fear-driven than Lily. Nicole wants more, but she doesn’t think she deserves more. She thinks her dreams are unattainable. Nicole is caution. She’s compassion to a fault. She’s self-sacrifice and to some extent deprivation, but she’s also charity and humility.  I don’t think you can have the bold and passionate traits without the caution and humility to temper them.
So, enough with the ladies. Let’s talk about men, shall we?
First, we'll hit on (no pun intended) Christian Wright, aka talented British Combatant, aka Golden-Boy, aka the bane of William Maddox’s existence.  Christian Wright seems like the perfect hero... but he has issues.  He is all heart, all temper. Somehow a mixture of emotional and repressed, Christian is the guy who jumps to protect. He's more than willing to risk his own neck, but he doesn’t like it when others do so. This trait can get out of hand, though, when you forget how to trust, how to allow others to live and learn.  And it doesn’t help that he has some major baggage, either. Mostly, this baggage shows itself as aggression toward the aforementioned William Maddox…
William. He’s kind of the enigma of book one. Tall, pale and handsome, it takes a while for the reader to get a full picture of his character. Is William good? Is he evil?  Should you pose this question to Christian Wright, you’d get a pretty merciless answer.  But, as you read on, there are distinct things about William that make you question whether Christian has his head on straight.  Though you wouldn’t know it at first, William is a powerful man. He’s reserved, he’s mostly a corner lurker, and he’s never the center of the crowd, but one shouldn’t rush to assume he’s in any way weak or frightened. Quite the opposite.  William is clever and quick-witted. He keeps his shows of strength to a minimum and he’s not one to step on toes, but if it's deserved, he'll put you in your   place. 
So, which character do you relate to best?  All of these personalities are needed in both the books and in real life. This world would be a boring, black and white, possibly scary place otherwise.  Thanks for reading! And I'll meet you in the books!

As I said before, you should definitely check these books out! Also, Jennifer Delucy and Omnific Publishing has generously donated an e-copy of Seers of Light and Whisper of Light for me to giveaway. If you would like more information of Jennifer DeLucy and her fabulous books, please check out these sites:

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  1. These sound really interesting! I really want to read more about the guys William and Christian, just so I could figure out their personalities!

    "...all heart, all temper"? Sounds like my kind of guy! (For reading, of course!

    Thanks for the info on the books!

  2. I find the differences between the two female leads to be the most intriguing---I can relate to elements of both. It's a really cool moment when they meet each other in book 2!

  3. Hi Marcie!

    Wonderful character analysis, Jen.

  4. I might be blind, but where's the giveaway entry form? Thanks.

  5. I followed this over from the trailers. Lovely.


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