Sunday Confessions January 8, 2011

This is a weekly meme started by yours truly as a way to get to share a bit about myself and also learning more about you. Sometimes its about books and book related topics and sometimes it's not. This is all in good fun and I would love it if you would participate. 

What month were you born in? 
I was born in September. Here are a few facts about the month of September. The name September is derived from the Roman word 'Septum" which means seven. In ancient Roman times September was the seventh month.  The Romans also believed that Vulcan, the god of fire and forge looked after the month of September. The September flower is the Aster.

The gemstone of September is the sapphire. Which personally, I love.

Some cool things that happened in September:

  • John Keats wrote his poem "Autumn"  on September 19, 1819
  • Agatha Christie was given the title "Dame Agatha," Dame of the British Empire on her 80th birthday, September 15, 1970.
  • Abraham Lincoln received his license to practice law on September 9, 1836.
  • On September 2, 1909, American Annie Smith Peck, at age 57, was the first person to climb 21,000 foot Mount Huascaran, the highest peak in Peru.

What month were you born in?

Very special "Thank You" to Kelsey Ketch for helping me out with this weeks Sunday Confessions. 

*September facts taken from:


    1. You did all my work for Sunday Confessions! I'm a September baby too!

      Just popping over to let you know I awarded you the Stylish Blogger award at Congrats!

    2. My month is November, which retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning "nine").

      November's birthstone is the topaz (particularly yellow, but I love the blue topaz) and its birth flower is the chrysanthemum.

      Some Events:
      Britain and New Zealand celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot, on November 5.
      Discovery to the Eastern World of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus on November 19, 1493.

    3. Urteter nuytre:


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