Sourcebooks Needs Your Help

Yesterday Sourcebooks sent out an email asking for help choosing covers for the Gerogette Heyer Spring Releases. Here is what they said:

It's cover vote time! This spring we'll be releasing more Georgette Heyer Regency romances and we want to know which covers you think would be best for some upcoming titles.
Tell us what you think in the comments and remember to pick one cover for each book. There are four books we're taking a look at...we've included the descriptions below, but you can find them on the blog as well:

Please feel free to post about this cover vote on your blog, link to it on Facebook, and tweet about it! Be sure to check back and see what everyone else is saying as well! I look forward to reading your thoughts.
The Sourcebooks Team

Sprig Muslin: Sir Gareth Ludlow is just about ready to settle for marriage with Lady Hester, a plain woman who falls below his standards--according to his sister. Despite her protests, however, Gareth sets out to propose marriage. Along the way, he encounters young Amanda wandering unattended. Honor-bound to restore her to her family, the gallant Sir Ludlow finds he has more than he bargained for with his young charge and her runaway imagination. Coming this December.
The Toll Gate: Captain John Staple is bored by the constraints of civilian life. To shake things up, he takes an invigorating ride across the countryside. A storm forces him to take shelter at a toll-gate where the gatekeeper has mysteriously disappeared. The Captain stumbles into an adventure more thrilling than his days battling Napoleon. While searching for the missing gatekeeper, he inadvertently uncovers a smuggling operation, and his only recourse is to bring the villains to justice and rescue the enigmatically charming young Lady Nell from her unsavory relatives. Coming this October.
The Unknown AjaxWhen a Yorkshire cousin becomes heir to the noble Darracott name and fortune, he pretends to be the country bumpkin they're all expecting. Then a family crisis thrusts Hugo into the role of an unlikely savior, and the family farce begins to unravel. But not before Hugo establishes himself as the undisputed head of the family, and his beautiful cousin Anthea discovers she's met her match. Coming this September.
A Civil ContractAdam Deveril, Viscount Lynton, returns home from war to find his family in financial ruin. To help his family, he sacrifices his love for the beautiful Julia and marries plain Jenny Chawleigh, whose father is a wealthy businessman determined to marry his daughter into a title. Adam chafes under Mr. Chawleigh's generosity, and Julia's behavior upon hearing of the betrothal nearly brings them all into a scandal. But Jenny's practicality and quiet love for Adam bring him comfort and eventually happiness. And over time, their arranged marriage blossoms into love and acceptance across the class divide. Coming this November.

So please go vote for your favorite cover. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I just voted. In fact, the cover options have got me rather curious about the titles themselves. Always a good thing. ^_^


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