Sunday Confessions February 13, 2011

This is a weekly meme started by yours truly as a way to get to share a bit about myself and also learning more about you. Sometimes its about books and book related topics and sometimes it's not. This is all in good fun and I would love it if you would participate. 

Since tomorrow is Valentines Day, I thought we could talk about something we all love. Books. I couldn't tell you the exact day or the book that made me fall in-love with reading. All I know is that I've been an avid reader for most of my life.  I have a hard time understanding why some people never want to pick up a book. When trying to explain to a non-reader what my fascination with reading is the image that pops in my mind is the wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe or the mirror from Alice Through the Looking Glass. Opening a book is like stepping into another world. From my couch I can time travel, sail across the universe to new galaxies, fall in love and defeat vile villains. You can live a thousand different lives in just one lifetime.  There is nothing like getting lost in a good book. 
I want to say thank you to the authors that write such wonderful books and to my fellow bloggers and readers who share my love of reading. You Rock! 

Now it's your turn: 

What do you love most about reading?

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  1. I love books because I get to travel to different places and times and find passion and adventure behind ever page.
    I think Aunt Elinor (Ink Heart) says it all when she says:
    "Along with St. Petersburg, Paris, Middle-Earth, distant planets and Shangri-la. And I never had to leave this room. Books are adventure. They contain murder and mayhem and passion. They love anyone who opens them."

  2. I have sched'd my post to post itself tomorrow morning. I will come back and leave a link tomorrow :)

  3. Hello I just love this meme! mine is here

  4. Great thoughts! I agree that opening a book is like stepping into another world.

    Reading Lark answered this question through another meme on Friday so we don't have a new answer to post.

  5. I love that you quoted Ink Heart @Ketch1714! I love that book.

    @Andrea, Thanks for stopping by. I need to go through my google reader and see Friday's post.

    @Zakiya and @Heather, Thanks for participating, I'll be stopping by to see your answer in a bit. :D

  6. Great idea, Marcie! I, too, have a hard time figuring out WHY people wouldn't want to read??? :)

    Here's my post:

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Here's a link to my answer


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