Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

Hello everybody, I wanted to let you know that I've signed up for Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. The conference will take place April 13-17, 2011. The best part about this conference is that you don't have to leave town. The cost is $45. If money is an issue they have ways to help you out. Go to to check out all the details about registration.

This is a tentative list of panels:

  1. Legal Issues and Book Blogging - everything a blogger should know about disclosing book sources, the FTC guidelines and the new blog subscription system via Amazon and copyright issues.
  2. The Financial Side of Book Blogging - as affiliates, what do we need to claim on our taxes? Does our revenue have to reach a certain level before we're liable? Is monetizing our sites really worth it?
  3. Audio Books - How to get them and how to review them.
  4. Publisher Blogs
  5. What Publishers Look For in a Blog - find out what publishers want to see in a review site.
  6. Vlogs?!? What are They? How do They Work? - how long should they be? What's their draw? Tips and hints to make them better.
  7. Young Adult Books, What is Coming Out and Who is Reading
  8. Reviewing under 18? - Tips on being professional and how to approach publishers.
  9. Is YA White Washed? - What can be talked about? What goes to far? Is realism lost?
  10. YA Blogging Over 30? 40? 50? - approaching the genre from a different perspective and the authors writing it.
  11. What Publicity Departments Do - Hear from the houses and better understand what they are looking for.
  12. Self Publishing is Changing - What do we think? Why authors are choosing it and how self-publishing works. With the changing technology, as reviewers, are we more willing to review these titles?
  13. PopUp Publishers - Where are they all coming from?!? - Finding and reviewing new publishers. What are we looking for when we read their books?
  14. Reviewing: Print vs. Ebooks
  15. Single vs Multiple Reviewer Sites - Pros and Cons
  16. A Mission Statement for Your Blog
  17. Attending Live Events as a Blogger - Hear from bloggers who have attended Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention, Authors After Dark, and the Book Expo of America.
  18. Promoting Your Site - Discussion on both passive and active marketing ideas.
  19. Negative and Positive Reviews and Why both are Needed
  20. Authors, Bloggers, Publishers Behaving Badly
  21. Blogger Burnout - Learn different approaches for getting over the burn.
  22. Time Management -
  23. What Bloggers WANT - publishers are not mind readers, what would make it easier for us?
  24. The Design & Technical Side of Blogging - Learn how to track stats; the intricacies of Technorati, Feedburn, Google Friend Connect, etc; HTML & CSS tricks.
  25. How to Help Authors Give Us What We Want

I am super excited to be participating this year. I look forward to finding out ways to improve my blog, interact with publishers and other bloggers. I'm also happy to be able to do this from my home. It makes it so much easier to attend. Also I don't want to forget, there will be lots of giveaways!!! So if you're interested in attending, sign ups are going on right now. Head on over to I hope to see you there!


  1. That looks like so much fun! You will have to give me some good pointers afterward! I am debating but I don't think my hubby will untighten the purse strings for it..LOL

  2. @Kelsey, I'll be happy to give you any pointers I can. I used the "It's cheaper then going to NY" on my hubby. LOL They do offer ways you can help out w/ the conference if money is an issue. If you're interested. :D

  3. LOL..I will have to try that on him! It is a kind of iffy issue..we are currently trying to finish remolding the house so we can possible sell this summer and he is the budgetor in the family...I will have to sweet talk him tonight..:)

  4. LOL I understand. I had to do some sweet talking too :D I plan on taking notes and I'll pass on any tips. I'm hoping to learn a bit more on HTML myself.

  5. Oh, that would be nice to learn! It is so confusing..LOL...I would be very interested to hear what publishers want to see in a blog and also different ways on promoting a blog...:) Oh and the time management!!!

  6. I know. There are so many topics I'm interested in. I have a feeling I'll be learning a lot!

  7. Awesome! I signed up too so I can't wait! I am really excited to get all the tips to make my blog better! I am really glad they did an online conference like this. It is so much more affordable and they save all the chats so we can view them if we can't be online when it's live. I am still in high school so this is perfect for me! =)

    I'll see you "there". ;)

  8. Thanks for the great post!
    There are amazing bloggers to learn from and our pub list is Killer - so are the giveaways.
    Keep in mind that you will get the cost of admission in free books and that once you learn about all the options there are out there you might not need to buy much of anything in the future.
    It is a solid argument.

    Thanks for the posts and great questions!
    Terry Kate

  9. @Baily, that's one of the things I like about this conference is that you don't have to miss school, work or whatever and that if you miss a panel you can view it later. I'm so glad you'll be attending!

    @t I look forward to the conference. :D


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