Lady of the Veils by M.L. John

Title: Lady of the Veils
Author: M.L. John
Publisher Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Publication Date: December, 2010
ebook, 348 pages

Summary: In a suburban town twenty minutes from the border of Faerie lives a young woman named Karen MacGregor. Though she is the daughter of an exiled Faerie princess, Karen leads an unremarkable life full of homework, punk rock and old science fiction movies. When bloody civil war breaks out in her mother’s homeland her life begins to change rapidly. Her brother is presumed dead after his fighter jet is shot down over the Enchanted Forest, and Faerie’s royal family, including her beloved godfather, has been executed. Accompanied by a Fey Prince with whom she shares a forbidden love and armed with magic she never knew existed, Karen must lead a rebel force against an ancient and powerful enemy.

I first came across this book when @GRgenius on twitter tweeted that she just read an awesome book. I immediately had to know what book she was reading. Thus begin my interest in this book. I love Faerie books and this one sounded like a perfect fit. It was. I was immediately lost in the world that M.L. John created. 
This is an action packed story. It begins with the High King of Faerie being assassinated. The faerie world of Avalon is thrown in to chaos. Karen, the main character of the story is grieving for the loss of the High King and his family. She grew up playing with his children. Karen learns that Beri, her best friend and love of her life is still alive.  Willing to risk everything just to protect him, Karen sets off on a journey to Avalon. While in Avalon, Karen encounters some interesting characters who become her allies in trying to defeat those who are basically trying to commit genocide by killing all the half-fay. 
I liked Karen's character a lot. She starts out as an insecure girl. She doesn't really fit in the human world or the faerie world. She goes on quite a journey and discovers she has strength and powers she didn't realize she possessed. I also like that she's a kick-butt heroine. She doesn't sit around waiting to be rescued. One of my favorite things about Karen is that she quotes movies a lot before battle. Karen is not the same girl by the end of the book. I loved seeing her character's transformation. I also liked that she retained some of her original vulnerability. 
M.L. John wrote some fantastic characters. Many who are forced into roles they would never want in the first place. They are very diverse and a bit mysterious. I liked how M.L. John gave just enough information to keep me wanting more.
This story is great from beginning to end. I'm so glad I read it and I would love to see a sequel.  Lady of the Veils is awesome. It's full of adventure, suspense and romance. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great story to read. 
If you click on the Gypsy Shadow link above you can read an excerpt of Lady of the Veils for free.

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  1. Your description of this book reminded me a little of "Night School" by Mari Mangusi. While nobody in that book is named McGregor (perfect name for a faerie book) Night School is also a Young Adult tale where the faerie queen was murdered ... and the setting is much like a high school level boarding facility.

    I'm really glad to learn you liked this book. I'd add it to my list but I'm kinda buried under my TBR pile right now.

  2. Thanks for the introduction, I had never heard of this book before.

  3. Yay! So glad you liked the book! *high five* Always a great feeling when you can help connect a fellow reader to a book they might not have seen and it's a successful match. As for the review, loved it. Isn't it funny how two (or more) people can read/review the same title and the points they make can be so diverse? Gotta love the book blogging community. Thanks for sharing and for the shout out. Happy reading! ^_^

  4. Hi Marcie, this is M.L John. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I am glad you enjoyed the book. As for the sequel...well, I'm working on it, though I'll warn you guys it's going to be a while. But thanks for wanting it!

  5. @Vamchoir, I completely understand about being buried under books. LOL I've not read Night School. I'll have to check that one out as well.
    @Alexis, this book escaped my radar too. That's why I love the book blogging community. I'm glad I got the chance to read this book. It's awesome.
    @GMR I love the different point of views that people take when reading a book. Every reading experience is different. Thanks for tweeting about this book in the first place :D
    @ML John,
    I'm so thrilled there will be a sequel. It was a pleasure to read this book and I look forward to the next one.


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