Predators of Darkness: Aftermath author, Leonard D. Hilley, II Guest Post

I Have Good Muse and Bad Muse

First I want to thank Marcie for the opportunity to guest blog and introduce some insight as to why and how I write.
Often, I am asked, “How do you come up with your ideas?”
That question is difficult to answer.  The idea for Predators of Darkness: Aftermath came to me with the opening sentence: “Dropping a cat from the top ledge of a ten-story office building was not the best way to remain hidden, but it was necessary.”  This intrigued me enough to write it down.  I didn’t have any plot.  No characters.  Just this sentence.
The next two paragraphs came quickly, “Daniel Hutchinson assumed the cat was a shape-shifter—one of a thousand sinister prowlers roaming the streets, awaiting the proper moment to attack from his blindside and take him down.
As the cat dropped, its sinews and muscles popped, crackled.  Falling, it shifted from its cat form into a hideous creature.  The cat seemed to welcome its oncoming fate eagerly and without fear.  With forepaws outstretched, it leaned toward the pavement like a high diver straightens to break through the water’s surface.  To Daniel’s surprise, the impact against the concrete didn’t kill it.  Instead, the cat rolled and pivoted around to face him, altering more and more until it became the creature that had followed him the past six days.”
The next day I wrote twenty pages, but then couldn’t do anything else with the idea or the characters that emerged.  Although I have a good muse, often she’s bad to give me tidbits and disappear for a while.  In this case—months!
Another question readers ask, “Do you use an outline?”
Actually, no.  Writing comes to me differently than what most writers experience.  In my mind, I visualize the scenes and character interactions just like watching a movie.  When the characters speak, it’s as if I’m in the same room with them.  Many readers have contacted me or left reviews stating that they could see this being made into a movie (I’m currently co-writing the screenplay).  But the characters are the ones who carry the story.  
After I completed Predators of Darkness: Aftermath, I did not foresee a series, but the characters proved me wrong.  My muse teased me into a series.  The characters’ interactions and dilemmas continued in my mind.  I had no choice but to write them down.  I’m currently working on the fourth book in the series and the first book of a dark fantasy novel.
Currently, Predators of Darkness: Aftermath is only available in Kindle/e-Reader format at: where you can also read a longer sample of the first chapter.  This should be available in paperback this summer.  Beyond the Darknessand The Game of Pawns are currently available in paperback through Amazon and should be available at soon.
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Thanks, Marcie!

Leonard D. Hilley II