Shadow Cat by Reena Jacobs

Title: Shadow Cat (The Striped Ones)
Author: Reena Jacobs
Publisher: Create Space
Publication Date: February 7, 2011
ISBN: 1460914163 (ISBN13: 9781460914168)
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Summary: Eric Randall’s plan is simple—fix the mess his researchers have created in Malaysia, experience the pleasures the country has to offer, and return to the comforts of America. All it takes is one beautiful aborigine, and Eric finds himself stranded in a world of Malaysian myths and legends. A novice shaman amongst her people, Berani is free and independent. Yet all is not well in her homeland. Demons prey on her people, pushing them to extinction. When a strange speaking man invades her forest, she has one more worry to add to her already troubled life. Attraction or no, she will fight Eric tooth and claw to maintain her freedom. But will she destroy herself in the process? If Berani wishes to save her family… if Eric wishes to reclaim his old life, they must stand together against the threats of encroaching wehr-tigers and bloodsucking demons… or perish.

Shadow Cat is a paranormal romance that takes place in the Malaysian rain forest. I absolutely loved the background setting to this novel. There is something so mysterious and alluring about the rain forest. I really enjoyed this aspect of the novel because the rain forest is a character in itself. It is home to the rare tribe of wehr-tigers, that are hidden deep in the forest. Legends and myths tell of their existence. Berani is a wehr tiger who is strong, fearless,  and protective of those she loves. She's also insanely beautiful. She's absolutely livid over her part of her rain forest being destroyed by a pharmacological company run by Eric Randall. Eric is head strong and a major control freak. He is attracted to Berani's exotic beauty.   He's also attracted to her kitty pheromones she's releasing. Berani and Eric's relationship is interesting. They are from different cultures and don't even speak the same language. The have to find a way to communicate. There are also other obstacles that they must overcome, for instance, Eric isn't the only one that is attracted to Berani's scent. I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold throughout the story. Their chemistry together is smoking. Shadow Cat also has many other enjoyable characters.  Two of my favorite are Bryan, Eric's best friend and Nenek, Barani's grandmother. I hope to see more of Bryan in a future book. He made me laugh out loud a few times. 
Overall I thought the plot was good. There were a few aspects of the storyline that I thought worked out to easily, but it didn't take away from the overall story. I really enjoyed the mystical forces that are threatening the inhabitants of the rain forest. That was definitely interesting and a bit creepy. Reena Jacobs is currently working on more books in the Striped Ones series. I look forward to seeing what happens next in the series. Hopefully Bryan will be in them. 

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*I received an e-copy of Shadow Cat from the author for review purposes only. This in no way influenced my review.


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