Some announcements

Happy Monday everyone! I just have a few announcements that I want to share with you. The last five days have been super busy for me because I was attending Book Bloggers and Publishers online conference.

Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference

This was a great event. I learned so much. The attendees had the opportunity to hear from publishers and authors to help us work better with them. There were also great tips from the attendees to help our blogs run better. Over the next few weeks I hope to implement some of these suggestion on To Read or Not To Read.One thing I really like is that the panels are recorded and I can go back and listen to the ones that I missed. If you didn't attend this year, I hope you consider doing so in the future. You can click on the button to take you to their site to learn some of the topics covered and more information about BBP.

My other announcement is that I will be having a part-time reviewer join me on this blog. I'm so excited to welcome Steve to To Read or Not To Read. Here is a little info about him:

"A little about me, well me, I am a big old nerd. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid. We even drew pictures of what our characters looked like. Even today I love role playing games on my xbox 360. I try to read books across many genres but I always go back to sci-fi and fantasy. I guess about the only books I would absolutely turn down are period period pieces, romance and anything with sparkly vampires."

I look forward to Steve's reviews and I hope you will too. I've already given him some books and set him to work. 


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