Armchair BEA: Monday

Armchair BEA was set up by many fabulous people for those of us who could not attend BEA. It's a week full of lots of fun stuff. I'm so happy to be participating in this event.

Today's question is: Who are you and how do you Armchair?

I always feel weird answer questions like "Who are you?" because I can never think of anything interesting to say. My name is Marcie and I'm from the United States. I started this blog a little over a year ago. I review books in many genres. Although reading is my passion, I have many other likes and hobbies: such as knitting, spending time with my two kids and husband, watching movies and TVD. When I'm not busy with all of that, I teach. For the second part of the question "How do you Armchair?" I will be Armchairing from an armchair. I'm really excited to to follow armchair on twitter and find out everything that's going on during BEA. I hope one day I'll be able to attend BEA but for now I'm happy to be apart of Armchair BEA.


  1. I love TVD! I'm going to miss it over the summer! At least I have True Blood to watch!
    Armchair BEA: About Us!

  2. I'm an aspiring knitter myself -- so far, I can only manage miles and miles of flat squares BUT someday hope to progress to...triangles or something! ;)

    Looking forward to your Armchair BEA posts!

  3. Nice to "meet" you! Hope you have a great BEA week!

    Stiletto Storytime

  4. Hello! Happy Armchair BEA!
    I noticed your HP challenge button. I am about to start re-reading the series and hope to finish before the last movie premiere date. I'm so excited for it to come out.


  5. Nice to meet you and your blog. I have always wanted to learn to knit...that and quilt. I like watching tv and movies as well. My favorite new show lately is The Voice. Glad to have a new blog to follow, hope we stay connected.

  6. Hi, Marcie ~ Thanks for the intro. I tried to knit...once! It wasn't pretty. My kids and I reread the HP books every summer. Hoping to get my youngest in on it this year. Enjoy Armchair BEA!

    Tiffany James
    Armchair Heroines

  7. Greetings! This is my first Armchair BEA and I am having a blast with it so far! I am excited about meeting more book lovers! Stop by The Wormhole sometime! Happy reading!
    I too knit, not as much as I would like to, but life is so busy. I belong to a church knitting group and we try to meet once a week, but only in the summer and fall.


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