Guest Post with Jarius Raphel

You might think a story about ninjas is full of action and violence, and you'd usually be right. But Legend of a Ninja is a new kind of ninja; focused on how ninjas live their lives through the relationships and their struggles every day.

The author, Jarius Raphel, is a pen name and he is actually a minor character in the series. Although readers won't meet him until the second book, it won't be hard to understand why he would make a fitting ninja author.

We decided to make this series about ninjas because we are huge fans of ninjas and we wanted to show a different side of them. Ninjas are just people, they have feelings and emotions just like everyone else.

The medieval fantasy setting has a touch of anime style, which is very different from the "traditional oriental" ninja or "traditional fantasy" setting. It's not epic; no one has to save the world or anything. Its about how ninjas interact with each other and the people around them.

In Beneath the Shadows, readers are introduced to the ninjas and the secrets of The Order. It is the prequel to a four book series, with several mini books in between. Minis can be read in any order, before or after the novels.

When life is this dangerous, is love even worth fighting for? One thing is certain, a ninja never gives up.

Book Available @ Amazon (paperback and Kindle $2.99) | Smashwords($2.99) | B&N (Nook $2.99)


  1. Hi there, just dropping by to introduce myself. I'm new to your blog and have left you an award on my page. Drop by to pick it up!

  2. If I thought of a story about ninjas I would think of violence but I would also think... "how would that work?" lol.


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