Book Review: Rasputin's Legacy by Troy Matthew Carnes

Title: Rasputin's Legacy
Author: Troy Matthew Carnes
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: June 3, 2010
paperback, 428 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935605-41-6
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Summary: What if the two most ruthless mass murderers in history wanted you dead?
Giorgi Lazarov isonly a young boy, but he canpredictthe future. Until recently, only one person on earth knew thatGiorgi's remarkable gift was passed down from his famous grandfather Grigori Rasputin. But now the two most dangerous menin the world know of his special power.Adolf Hitler learnsofhim throughSS Reichsf├╝hrer Heinrich Himmler's most gifted witch, and Joseph Stalin finds outwhen an insaneprostitute languishing in an asylum claims to have borne Rasputin's child. Sheis in fact Giorgi's grandmother.
Now,as theNazi war machine invades the Soviet Union, launchingthe bloodiest conflict in human history, both Hitler and Stalinwant him desperately. They send their mostcapable assassins to find the boy andeither claim hispower for their cause ormakecertain thathe does not live to beused against them.When the Germans capturehisvillage, Giorgi is separated from his parents, and he finds himselfin a world ofmadness and utter evil where it seems thereare only killers and corpses.
The people of the Ukrainecan see no hope for salvation, but Giorgi can see everything... 

This is such a fascinating book. It is set during WWII and centers on the search for a young boy who just happens to be a descendant of Rasputin and also shares his mystical powers. The boy is being hunted by both the Nazis and the Russians. Hitler and many in his circle are obsessed by the Occult and anything to do with the Dark Arts, so they are looking for the boy to aid them in their effort to conquer the world. Stalin is so paranoid, that anything to do with anti-revolution Russia must be eliminated. This plot line is to me totally believable. You could see both sides acting in these exact manners. Hitler freaking out over some all-knowing seer, check. Stalin having a paranoid melt-down because this kid has ties to Rasputin, absolutely.
 Another thing that drew me into this book was the insight into how brutal both regimes were. The death and destruction perpetrated in the name of their leaders was horrendous. The author gives grisly accounts of the Nazi Aktions, where they systematically “depopulate” an area for later German settlement. Also, the author gives accounts of Stalin’s purifications, where he eliminates anyone that could possibly be associated with an anti-revolution sentiment. Not that I particularly liked the mass murders, it was just interesting.
But not all of the characters were beastly; you also got to see the human side to a few of the players. Major Otto Brock was a war hero who fought for the glory of his special unit, the Brandenburg Commandos. He was truly one of the best characters in this story. He infused the story with humanity while being true to his nature as a soldier.  
Overall, I really thought this book was a great read. The main characters you see throughout the book are developed extremely well; you really get to know them. The story is enthralling. It kept me coming back to see how it is going to turn out for the boy. If you are a WWII buff and are looking for a great fictional account of this historic period, then this is a well thought out and engaging story that I would highly recommend.   

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