Shelley Workinger Guest Post and Giveaway!

Today I have author Shelley Workinger here. She's the author of the Solid series. She's here today with her top 10 YA books. Take it away Shelley:
                YA is such a massive body of work and (although I don’t have any solid stats to back this up) has got to be one of the fastest-growing categories today. I think a lot of writers (myself included) recognized the discrepancy between the number of hungry young readers and the amount of fun, new and exciting stories to satisfy them. YA titles are pouring into the market faster than I can add them to my TBR list and they cover all the bases: adventure, fantasy, romance, sci-fi – many even all of the above! Knowing that I can’t choose (or even read!) them all, I did my best to give a fair representation of the genre. J
I mainly read for pleasure – for escapism – so my favorite books tend to be more fun and fantasy. By the same token, I prefer my fantasy to be more, well, realistic. I know that sounds contradictory, but I like to lose myself in the characters, not lose my mind over the details necessary for high-fantasy world-building. That’s why I have hard time with a lot of space and time travel, but can fall right into a story about a supernatural dimension to modern society. I have to start somewhere – with someone – that I connect with right away, which is why I can easily follow Harry to Hogwart’s, but have not picked up The Lord of the Rings, for which I hear you need an Excel spreadsheet of rules to follow.
So here are my picks for Top 10 YA books:
The Book Thief – Marcus Zusak
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 
J.K. Rowling
Catching Fire – 
Suzanne Collins
The Maze Runner – James Dashner

The Eyes of the Dragon – 
Stephen King
Same As It Never Was – 
Claire Scovell LaZebnik
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – 
Jonathan Safran Foer
Do They Know I’m Running – 
David Corbett
Protecting the Gift – 
Gavin deBecker*
Boys Will Put You on a Pedestal (So They Can Look Up Your Skirt) – Philip Van Munching*
*The last two are non-fiction, but are hugely important for especially teen and tween girls to read and are in no way textbook bores – I promise!
To find out more about Shelley Workinger and this series go to: website | facebook | twitter | blog
Now it's time for the giveaway!!! If you haven't checked out my reviews for Solid or Settling you can find them here and here. Shelley Workinger is giving away a copy of Settling to one lucky person. To enter:
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