What is Pottermore?

Have you heard? Do you know? Last week I started to notice the phrase 'pottermore' popping up here and there around the blogosphere. Then after a little investigation I found out that J.K. Rowling is expected to make an announcement next week. I went to this website and if you click on one of the owls it will take you to this countdown widget on youtube. You can also follow Pottermore on twitter. Now the question of the week is? What do you think it means? What do you think JK Rowling's announcement is going to be? Another series perhaps about the world of Harry Potter? I would love it if she wrote more on James and Lily Potter. What about you? Any thoughts or speculations? Are you excited?


  1. The only thing that has been said I think is that it isn't another book. Perhaps it's a store? There has also been speculation that it could be ebooks or an MMORPG or a whole bunch of things. Whatever it is, I'm excited and intrigued!

  2. @Keri, Me too! A store would be great too. I can't wait :D

  3. Can't wait to find out what this is!!!


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