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In my novel Jane Was Here the title character walks into a town for which she has a vague memory. Something happened to her here, which caused her disappearance – in 1853.

And some of the people complicit in her disappearance 150 years ago are reincarnated as well to the present day. Each for different reasons has migrated to this same town. Fate has arranged for them all to be present when Jane appears, so that a karmic reckoning can take place.

Fiction writers, whether they acknowledge it or not, control their characters’ destinies, taking the role of God or Fate. As we know, characters can get away from you, making their own choices and turns – they seem to have free will sometimes!

In writing Jane Was Here, I sat myself on the throne of Divinity and designed my characters human lives – and their eventual fates – as a quid pro quo for their former incarnations. I asked myself: what had they each done in a past life to deserve the present one?  Are they being punished? Or are they happy and prosperous because of their good choices in another life? If a man abuses women in a past life, does he come back as a woman to suffer the same indignities? If another character died of rabies in another century, are they now afraid of dogs without knowing why?

I won’t pretend that my job as the Deity wasn’t fun. Or that there wasn’t a supreme satisfaction to designing a far, far past for characters who have no idea why their lives are so difficult, and who have a future appointment with karma, when justice will be served.

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  1. What an awesome giveaway! I am very intrigued by this book. My fingers are crossed I win. :)


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