A Girl Named Willow Krimble

Title: A Girl Named Willow Krimble
Author: Giuseppe Bianco
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: January 19, 2011
paperback, 316 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1461050209 (ISBN-10: 1461050200)
Genre: Middle Grade

So, you’ve just discovered that the person who has tormented, mocked and humiliated you for the past three years is lying in the school parking lot, bleeding internally from a hit and run accident. No one else is around and you need to get to a life-and-death family emergency of your own before it is too late. What would you do? Oh, did I mention you have the secret ability to heal others just by touching them? This is just one of the many situations 13-year-old Willow Krimble must face in this Web Novel, A Girl Named Willow Krimble. 

A Girl Named Willow Krimble by Giuseppe Bianco is not the first book I've read about a girl with the ability to heal but it's definitely an interesting take on the subject. Willow Krimble is a young girl just trying to make it through life. Willow was born without one of her legs. She wears a prosthetic and is completely comfortable in her skin. However her slight difference makes her a target for bullies. Willow discovers by accident that she has an extraordinary gift. The ability to heal. Willow starts to ask herself all sorts of questions such as: Why me? How do I decide who to heal? Where did this gift come from? 
Willow is a really good character. She's smart and funny. Together with her bff, Razzel, she's ready to take on the world. She also is very mature  and has a great sense of family for her age. Razzel is a tough cookie. She is Willow's protector as well as her partner in crime. Razzel has a stubborn streak, holds grudges and has a temper. She also has a big heart and is very loyal. 
The storyline in this book is good. Willow has the ability to heal everyone but herself. She also has to make tough decisions about who she should heal. Willow is also just a regular 13 year old trying to get by. She has a lot on her plate but she handles it with maturity. 
I think this is a good book for kids and adults as well. Willow teaches us not to be afraid of being different, overcoming obstacles and being yourself. I enjoyed this book. Giuseppe Bianco ends this book with a hint that Willow Krimble is not finished with being extraordinary. There is more to come.  If you're interesting in reading this book, you can read it for free by visiting the website listed below. 

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