Interview with Melissa Buell

Yesterday I reviewed The Seventh Blessing (click here if you missed it) and today I have the pleasure of having the author, Melissa Buell here to answer a few of my questions. 

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself
I'm a wife, a mother of two, an avid reader, substitute teacher...and lots of other things. I'm really good at being busy. I grew up in Southern California and I still live here (and still love it!). 

2. In The Seventh Blessing, the fairies are known to give unusual gifts,  What gift would you most like to have? Which of the silly gifts would you least like to have? 
I would love to have the ability to clean my house with a flick of my wrist. That would be awesome. Silly traits - I would hate to have a giggly high pitched laugh. Those make me crazy.

3. Samantha and Nolan, Prince of Lagola have a rocky relationship, were the scenes between the two fun to write?
Those were SO much fun to write! I loved making them fight (is that bad?) but then one of then would see reason. Well, eventually anyway. That seems to happen in real life relationships, too. Someone takes something the wrong way, the other person overreacts, bam! Argument. And then, hopefully, forgiveness and new insight into that other person.

4. Because of Samantha's unusual gifts, it puts a strain on the relationships she has with her family. How does this help shape who she becomes?
Samantha is a fighter. She is very determined to do things her own way but she also doesn't want to hurt those closest to her. I wanted her to have a bit of a softer side so she wouldn't be too scary. I like approachable characters.

5. How many books do you think will be in this series?
The plan right now is for three. I'd love to write more if I have the right characters and situations.
6. Can you give us a sneak peek at the next book?
I sure can! Here's a bit from the first chapter of book two in The Tales of Gymandrol (Emma's story).
This is from Princess Emmalyn Meredith's fairy blessing ceremony:

“You have all received a card with a number on it and the blessing you will give to Princess Emmalyn Meredith. Will the fairy with the first blessing please step forward?” Talia asked with a smile.
            Alvara stood, a dazzling purple shimmer shone about her. “Princess Emmalyn Meredith, I bless you with the gift of confidence,” she said.
            Talia glanced over to see the charmed quill writing out the blessing. Good, it still works. ”Number two?”
            Gelsey was a young fairy with a delicate lavender shimmer. “Little princess, I bless you with the gift of being a hard worker,” she said in a soft voice.
            The remainder of the gifts was given quickly. Laila gave the gift of languages, Hazelora gave the gift of being a graceful dancer, Alvin gave the gift of courage, Orin gave a strong sense of justice, Dain gave the ability to listen thoughtfully, Wyston gave the ability to be compassionate, Rhoslyn gave the gift of curly hair, and Lorelle gave the gift of long fingernails. Nolan raised his eyebrows towards his wife at the last gifts given and she rolled her eyes.
            “I let my mother and your mother each choose one,” Samantha explained in a whisper. “I thought it would help make up for my deficits.”
            Nolan had to hold his breath to keep from laughing while Talia called up the last fairy, Sophronia.  The tiny fairy bobbed her way to the center of the room and smiled widely at the royal family on the dais.
            “I am number eleven! And I have written here a very worthy blessing, I must admit. I would have liked to have a blessing like this myself,” Sophronia bubbled, her shimmer a faint lilac surrounding her white hair. “I also must say how glad I am to be here and how honored I feel to be invited to a princess’ blessing ceremony! I know you could have invited someone else and yet you chose me! I was so excited that I decided to give the princess the gift of loving the color pink! Pink is a splendid color for any girl to wear, especially a princess.”
            The entire room was silent for a moment before the shouting began.
            “Did you really just bless the princess with a preference for a color? ” Hazelora yelled, her shimmer sending out deep purple sparks. “You- you- I can’t even speak to you! What a disappointment!”

7. Do you have a favorite fairy tale?
I love so many fairy tales but my favorite is Sleeping Beauty. I have a collection of Disney Sleeping Beauty things. (I like the blue dress best.)

8. Favorite movie?
This is another hard-to-pick-just-one question. Ella Enchanted is fantastic. So is You've Got Mail. I also like action/intrigue movies. (Very ungirly of me, I know.)

9. Favorite snack?
Healthy snack - dried cranberries and almonds. Not-so-healthy snack - Milano cookies.

10. Favorite book?
I have quite the list of favorite books but I'll be good and pick one. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Austen is so great at weaving multiple characters into her multi-layered plots. She is the master!

My thanks to Melissa Buell for stopping by today. Be sure to mark your calendars for the release of The Seventh Blessing available August 15, 2011. You can find out more about the author and this book by visiting:


  1. Great interview! :D Melissa is such an awesome lady. I'm glad she got to stop by your blog!

  2. Awesome interview!! My favorite disney princess is Sleeping Beauty too!! Melissa seems like an awesome author! (:

  3. Thanks Farrah Penn and Harpreet Singh. I really enjoyed The Seventh Blessing and I will definitely read the next book in the series.


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