Summons: A Goblin King Prequel

Title: Summons: A Goblin King Prequel
Author: Shona Husk
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: August 1, 2011
genre: paranormal romance

Summary: Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right? That's what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King. If he could grant her wish, she'd finally be safe. He would protect her. But what would he ask in return...?

Summons is a prequel to the upcoming novel, The Goblin King by Shona Husk. It's a short story that literally took me less than 30 minutes to read. However it was enough to wet my appetite and left me wanting more.  Summons is about a girl named Eliza. She finds herself in a situation that's way over her head. In her ignorance she accidentally summons the goblin king, Roan. Goblins aren't known for their generous nature. They are a tricky bunch who always want something in return. They might grant your wish but not in the way you want. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Roan. Shona Husk gives you just a peek inside this mysterious character. I honestly can't wait to read The Goblin King to find out more about him.  Summons is a great teaser. The Goblin King is now on my wish list.

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 Available Oct 1, 2011


  1. I wrote a review of this recently too. I loved it and am so excited for the series.

    Andrea @ Reading Lark


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