Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress and Tears of a Vampire Prince Double review

Title: Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress
Author: Christine E. Schulze
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Publication Date: January 6, 2010
ISBN: 1921636424 (ISBN13: 9781921636424)

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, "Are you afraid?"
Chrystine had had more reason than any other time of her life, even when facing one of the rampages of her drunken father. But she wasn't afraid. And that was odd, because although Aaryn, the person asking her that question, was her best friend, he was also a vampire. In fact, she was surrounded by hundreds of vampires.
But they weren't your typical vampires. They were Stregoni Benefici, the good kind. Nor was Chrystine your typical elf. She was the Golden Healer, and she alone could save the Stregoni Benefici from the Dark Enchantress. But can Chrystine figure out the Dark Enchantress' secret and defeat the evil vampires without destroying the good ones as well, without destroying Aaryn? Can Chrystine unravel the dark secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him that by choosing to serve good instead of evil, he is still capable of being loved and his past is forgiven?

My thoughts:

Chrystine is an elf. She doesn't think there is anything extraordinary about herself. She loves her best friends and has a crush on Aaryn. She loves to be anywhere but home because her father is an abusive drunk. Chrystine is an uncommonly good person but she lacks courage and determination. When she finds out she's the Golden Healer she takes it in stride. She will do anything to help Aaryn including traveling into unknown places to fight an ancient evil. Aaryn will do anything including give his own life to protect Chrystine. Aaryn is very secretive and has a mysterious past. 
This novel was not a super long. I read it on my kindle and I think it was only a little over 130 pages. Chrystine packs the pages full of humor and adventure, love and loss. The story line was pretty good. I like most of the characters. I wish Chrystine was a bit more courageous. Her character develops over the course of the story but she only has a few spurts of gumption. She also blushes for most of the novel. Chrystine has a lot to overcome especially when it come to her father's problems. Through it all she has complete faith in her maker.
This novel encompasses themes such as friendship, love, faith and good vs. evil. 

Title: Tears of a Vampire Prince
Author: Christine E. Schulze
Publisher: Old Line Publishing
Publication Date: December 3, 2010
ISBN-13: 9781937004095

Summary: This short but powerful novella chronicles the early life of Aaryn, who, in mourning after the recent death of his wife, Chrystine, reflects upon the girl whose name and healing nature made him fall in love with that wife at their first meeting—the other Krystine, his first love, a lovely, innocent, child-like Veela. In remembering her, he recounts his early ventures—how he became the very first vampire; how he protected Krystine from the lusts of the Princes of Night and struggled to protect her from himself; how he was forcibly drug into a mission in search for the One who could overthrow the evil of the Enchantress who created him—and how all these tales and misadventures weave together to tell the story of a love so beautiful and yet sorrowful, brimming with both hope and hopelessness. A tale of mystery, adventure, and passion, Aaryn's story echoes the unbreakable love and eternal bond between two immortals. Truly, this is the saddest vampire tale ever told.

My thoughts:
This really is one of the saddest vampire tales. What I like most about this story is the history of Aaryn. Christine Schulze tells Aaryn's story from the beginning. The author also elaborates on a character that was briefly touched upon in Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress, Krystine. Krystine was Aaron's first love. She brings him out of the darkness and breaths light into him. Their time together is full of happiness and heartbreak. I thought this was an interesting short story. I also liked that most of the chapter titles are the names of Evanescense songs. 

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