What's Your Status Sept. 2011

Zakiya from Butterfly Feet Walking on Life has a fantastic meme. In this meme you post your status of the books your reading this week, books you finished this week, books you're going to read next, and books you plan on buying this week. You can also post what reviews and memes you participated in for the week. 

Last week I finished:

The Little Bride by Anna Solomon
Eyes in the Mirror by Julia Mayer

Currently I'm Reading:

The World, The Flesh, and the Bishop by Elizabeth Aston

Next on my TBR pile:

Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy

Current giveaways:

Humpday Giveaway ends Sept. 20, 2011

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress ends Sept. 21, 2011

Also I watched:

This week was the premier of  the new season of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan has gone to the dark side.  It looks to be an interesting season.

This is a series that is also based on a series by L.J. Smith. I thought that the first episode was okay. I'm going to watch at least a few more before I decide if I'll continue to watch. Did you watch it? What did you think? Have you read the books?

That's my status for this week. What's yours?


  1. hav not watch vamp diaries or tsc yet
    its not yet aired here

  2. I finished reading Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie this week. Not sure what I plan to read next week but definitely want to plan to read the ebooks I have on my Kindle. I want to see the Secret Circle since the preview of it looked really good. Looking forward to the fall shows starting up this week such as Castle, Two and a Half Men, the New Girl, etc.


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