Caroline Bingley

Title: Caroline Bingley: A Continuation of Jane Austen's Bride and Prejudice
Author: Jennifer Becton
Publisher: Whiteley Press
Publication Date: October 1, 2011
format: ebook
ISBN: 0013352342 (ISBN13: 2940013352346)
Genre: Regency
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When Charles Bingley and Mr. Darcy made proposals of marriage to the Bennet sisters at the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley was both distressed by her brother’s choice of bride and humiliated by Mr. Darcy’s rejection of her. And she made her objections known.
Now banished from her brother’s household, Caroline must return to her mother’s home in the north of England until she can make amends with both Bennet sisters. Desperate though Caroline may be to return to polite company, she absolutely refuses to apologize to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and instead, she seeks an alternative route back into society in the form of Mr. William Charlton, heir to a barony.
Through her connections with Mr. Charlton’s sister Lavinia, Caroline begins to infiltrate the household in the hopes of securing the gentleman and his title for herself. However, she must also contend with her vexing emotions regarding Mr. Patrick Rushton, a once-wealthy landowner, and the meddlesome opinions of Mrs. Rosemary Pickersgill, the companion sent by her brother.
When all that Caroline has ever dreamed of attaining—an ancient family name, a title, and a home of her own—is finally within her reach, will she grasp for it even if it means disregarding the workings of her own heart? Or will she cast off the trappings of society and give herself to true love?

Last year I read Jennifer Becton's debut novel, Charlotte Collins and I fell in-love. This was one of my favorite books last year. Then Becton released the short story, Maria Lucas and once again I enjoyed it thoroughly. So when Jennifer Becton announced she was writing a novel about Caroline Bingley I was thrilled. For those who are not familiar with Caroline Bingley, she is the sister of Mr. Bingley who spends most of Pride and Prejudice pining for Jane Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett's older sister. Caroline does everything in her power to separate Mr. Bingley and Jane, not to mention trash Elizabeth at every opportunity and snag Mr. Darcy for herself. Caroline Bingley is a social climber, a spoiled brat, and at times a witch with a capital B.
So why on earth would someone want to read a novel devoted to such a 'loveable' character? For me it's because I wanted to see what Jennifer Becton could do with this character that is a huge handful. Does Caroline get her comeuppance? Does she have another side to her that we've never seen? Will she ever find someone that will love her?  All these questions and more are answered. The story starts off with Mr. Bingley sending Caroline away for her behavior. Caroline is forced to go into the country to visit her mother, Elthea Knowles Bingley Newton, with a companion she doesn't like, Rosemary Pickersgill. However Caroline plans to make the best of her situation. She intends to renew her friendship with her childhood friend Lavina and marry Lavina's younger brother Mr. Charlton, and get everything she's ever wanted. A few obstacles and people stand in her way. Mr. Patrick Rushton has had his share of problems and Caroline doesn't want anything to do with him but he keeps getting in her way. Rosemary is intelligent and kind. She also has a mysterious past. She tries her best to offer Caroline good advice but Caroline being Caroline thwarts every attempt. Soon Caroline finds herself way over her head with problems.
One of the things I like most about this novel is that Jennifer Becton didn't change Caroline's overall personality. She stayed true to Jane Austen's vision. The only difference is this story is told from Caroline's point of view so we get to see the motivation and reasoning in the decisions that she makes. I think the author did a fantastic job of portraying the hardships for women in regency times. I also like the new characters that the author introduces. I love Caroline's mother, Elthea. She's more like Mr. Bingley personality wise and was a joy to read about. Mr. Rushton is swoon worthy. He's not afraid to stand up to Caroline. Mr. Charlton is also swoon worthy but he's a bit of a cad. Which personally, I like.
This is another fantastic book by Jennifer Becton. I love how Becton takes the supporting characters from Pride and Prejudice and gives them their own story. She filled this novel with humor, wit, and retribution. Caroline Bingley is a feisty character that is fun to read about. Jennifer Becton didn't really change Caroline Bingley but she did change the way I feel about her.
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*I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. This in no way influenced my opinion. 


  1. I am absolutely loving that this author has taken the time to explore the side characters of P&P! Because when you think about it, there is certainly much to explore!

    Be sure to check out my Jane Austen inspired "For the Love of Jane!" Giveaway here!

    --Rachel B.

  2. @Rachel B, I love that Jennifer Becton writes about the supporting characters of P&P. There are so many characters to explore. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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