Just A Few Seconds by Nemo James review

Title: Just a Few Seconds
Author: Nemo James
Publisher: Derek Newark Publishing
Publication Date: February 6, 2011
paperback, 266 pages
ISBN: 0956798608 ( ISBN-13: 9780956798608)

A Story From The Hidden World of Music and Beyond Derek dreamt of becoming a professional musician from the first time he picked up a guitar following a talent contest disaster. Thought of by his friends as being the person most likely to make the big time he turned professional but was continually side tracked by the need to earn a living from music. His journey takes him all over the world from private gigs for the rich and famous to the roughest pubs. Starting in the late sixties when heavy rock was born, through to the 1980's and 90's when discos and electronics decimated live music in dance halls. An amusing and heartrending story of perseverance showing how the road to success can lead us down the strangest of paths.

Steve's Thoughts:
Just a Few Seconds by Nemo James is subtitled “A Story From the Hidden World of Music and Beyond” which is a title that perfectly describes the life of Derek Newark/Nemo James and many of my musician friends. This is a brilliant portrayal of not only the love of music but the struggles to see that love blossom and bloom into the life that you just know you are destined for. Rejection and perseverance are two of the key elements in this book. Music is a fickle lover that can have you riding a high like you have never known only to bring you crashing back to Earth when you get another rejection.  Nemo James has been on an incredible journey through life and captures that in a fun, heart wrenching and often times humorous narrative. From playing for lavish, private parties for the wealthy to playing in what can only be described as dumps or dives, playing before large , packed clubs to playing to just a couple of casual on-lookers he has been there.  He has been the world over just to try to get his music heard by the right people and to get that elusive record deal. He has worked in bars and managed squash clubs. He even owned a squash club and restaurant but it always came back to his music. I love that he felt he truly had something inside him that the world needed and he was always striving to get it out there. If you have ever had a burning passion to do something, this is a great book to inspire you to press on and see that dream through. You do not have to be a music person to enjoy this touching story about the labor of love to see a dream come to be. I highly recommend this book.

Steve's rating:
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