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‘Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle’ is the beginning of a five part sci-fi/ paranormal series, spanning decades, time, space, alternate dimensions of reality and the lives of five people, asking some pretty existential questions along the way.
What is Seven Point Eight? Well, it’s the most powerful number in the universe, the number that connects everything.
A long time ago, our ancestors lived in a very different world from the one we inhabit today.  We understood the language of the Earth, the stars, the sky people and we knew of the Number.  This was a moment known as The First Time.  But over time, we forgot all of this and the wisdom of the Number was lost too. We walked through life asleep, ignorant of the truth.
There lies within us the hope that we can re-connect with this deeper truth.
It is time to wake up....
 In the first book of the series, a physicist begins a quest to measure the soul but soon finds himself drawn into the world of the enigmatic Max Richardson, where research is sold to the military at the highest bid. However, he soon discovers another purpose when an extremely talented young psychic enters his life. He devises a project
and builds a team to stretch the frontiers of exploration, only to make a reality-shattering discovery...
 The tale begins in the 1940s, unfolds during the 1960s; an era of social and spiritual transformation and reaches its conclusion in the modern age.
It interweaves the human dramas of love, betrayal, bitterness and above
all, courage in a world where everyone must face their own dark shadow.
 Written in the style of a TV series, this is for those of you who love clever and
intriguing story lines 'Lost' and 'Fringe' style.
 This is a great read for fans of the paranormal, big sweeping epics, metaphysics, science fiction, contemporary fantasy, alternate realities and new age/spirituality.
It's also highly suited to Young Adult readers, who like sci-fi along with their paranormal, or those who like a more challenging read.
Character Interview

Being part of a major five part epic is no mean feat, but Tahra Mamoun took time out of adventuring in The First Chronicle to discuss her role in the book.

Name: Tahra Mamoun
D.O.B./Star sign: 7th Nov 1944, Scorpio.
Profession: I work at The Institute for Max Richardson as a psychic spy, helping out in the Cold War with my remote viewing abilities.
Celebrity/person lookalike:  On the book cover, I’m represented by New Mexico actress Monique Candelaria.
Qualities: I would describe myself as passionate, courageous, driven, adventurous, dedicated, devoted and emotional.
Likes: Exploring and knowing that there’s more to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. I also like to share that with others, and be a part of something big and exciting.
Dislikes: People who try to control me, those who bullied me as a child, not being accepted for who I am.

What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book?
In my childhood, I had dreams of doing something special with my life. I was always fascinated with space and exploration, so using my remote viewing capabilities to see beyond our world is an ideal way of achieving that goal. My dreams become very tied into the OOBE project that I undertake with Dr Paul Eldridge. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

Which is your favourite scene in the book and why?
I would have to say that my life really kicked into gear with the OOBE project. My favourite scene involves a visit to an alternate dimension of reality, where Paul and myself meet with the therianthropes, ancient teachers of mankind. It was such an extraordinary experience.

Which did you find the most challenging scene and why?
Although the two scenes with the quantum fire angels disturbed me somewhat, I’d have to say the scenes where I interact with Max are the most difficult. While he intrigues me, and gives me the strangest butterflies in my stomach, I find him controlling and distant much of the time. He makes me feel so angry sometimes.

Can you tell us about the relationships between yourself and the other two main characters of your time?
My relationship with Max is fraught with conflict. I truly appreciate that he removed me from a repressive and unhappy environment, and he opened up my possibilities in life but he is a dark character with much to hide.
Paul, however, is very different. He’s warm, supportive and open about himself, and the OOBE project is our common ground. I’m honoured to share this adventure with him.

Thanks for letting me drop by. I must prepare myself to face a difficult road in The Second Chronicle now.

To read an interview with Monique Candelaria and find out how she is like Tahra, please visit
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