Review Charles Dickens: Dickens' Bicentenary 1812-2012

Title: Charles Dickens: Dickens' Bicentenary 1812-2012 
Author: Lucinda Dickens Hawksley
Publisher: Insight Editions
Publication Date: December 13, 2011
Hardcover, 123 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60887-052-3
Genre: Biography, Literature History

Charles Dickens is the definitive interactive illustrated guide to the man and his works. Produced in association with the Charles Dickens Museum, London, it follows Dickens from early childhood, including his time spent as a child labourer, and looks at how he became the greatest celebrity of his age, and how he still remains one of Britain’s most renowned literary figures, even in the twenty-first century. It is an intimate look at what he was like as a husband, father, friend and employer; at his longing to be an actor, his travels across North America, his year spent living in Italy and his great love of France. It introduces Dickens’s fascinating family and his astonishing circle of friends, and we discover when and how life and real-life personalities were imitated in his art.

My thoughts:
Many people have a love-hate relationship with Charles Dickens. He is one of those authors who used their work as a platform for social change. If you've ever read one of his novels you know where he stood on the social issues facing that time. However he was a very fascinating man. His early life and misfortunes molded him into the author he was to become. So many of his novels reflected his character. 
February 7, 2012 was Charles Dickens' Bicentenary. Lucinda Dickens Hawksley and Insight Editions has put out this phenomenal book to commemorate Dickens' life. Lucinda Hawksley is the great, great, great granddaughter of Charles Dickens. She is an expert when it comes to the Dickens'. In this book she collaborated with The Charles Dickens Museum in London. The book is full or photographs, replicas of play bills, news papers, manuscript excerpts, letters and much more. This book is a treasure chest of all things Dickens. This is a book you will read over and over again each time discovering something new. 
This book also goes into detail on the people in Dickens' life as well as the influences that inspired his many novels. I truly enjoyed this book and everything it has to offer. I felt like a kid at Christmas time reading this book. This is the perfect book to add to any collection and to be displayed. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so here is a photo of some of the documents found inside this book:

My rating:

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