Review: Tenderfoot by Amy Tupper

Title: Tenderfoot
Author: Amy Tupper 
Publisher: Smashwrods
Publication Date: April 16, 2011
ISBN: 001128403X (ISBN 13: 2940011284038)
Genre: paranormal, fantasy

Two hundred and fifty years ago, a mythical figure of Scandinavian folklore was born. The Fossegrim spent decades playing his fiddle in a waterfall, rewarding those who brought him gifts with musical abilities. But times change. Today he will cross an ocean to follow Julianna to college. As a freshman in Chapel Hill, she has no idea what she’s in for. And that’s just campus life. A world traveler, Jules is street-smart but the wounds from her mother’s unexpected death fester.
And then it begins. When her powers manifest after her 18th birthday, Nicholas makes contact. He bides his time as desperation brings her closer, slowly revealing her family’s secret piece by piece. To Nick’s dismay, Jules falls in love with ambitious Andrew, a collegiate fencer who is always in the right place at the right time. The distraction interferes with her training as time grows short. On Halloween, Nick pushes Andrew too far and Jules runs from them both. On her own again, has Jules learned enough? For Nick isn’t the only creature who crossed the ocean to follow her…

Nancy's thoughts:
Juliana, a world traveler, of Scandinavian decent is headstrong and a survivor. Still cold with anger and grieving the untimely death of her mother, she just turned eighteen and is now a freshman at UNC. Strange things are happening to her that she does not yet understand. Is she going crazy, or was there another explanation she has yet to find out? 
Nick is a Flossgrim, a mythical figure of Scandinavian folklore, who has crossed the ocean to help her come to terms with and develop her newly acquired gifts. He has a tendency to be obnoxious and sarcastic. He is handsome and he knows it.
Andrew, a Prince Charming of sorts, is on the fencing team. Average looks, but there is something about him that Juliana can't seem to shake. She is drawn to him, at times almost obsessed with him.
Tenderfoot is filled with Swedish Folklore, College high jinks, mystery, and magic. I like this book. It was a little slow for me at the beginning, but I was up for the ride. Tenderfoot has plenty of twists and turns, some predictable, some very surprising.
I liked the fact it was set on a college campus. The buzz of campus life and interaction within her dorm really made this story enjoyable. The characters were three dimensional and very entertaining. The storyline was plausible and flowed like gentle river on a summer’s day.
What I didn't like was the abrupt ending and the fact I have to wait for book two. Hurry up Amy Tupper, I’m anxiously waiting to find out what happens next!!!
Nancy's rating:
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