Review: The Turning of Anne Merrick by Christine Blevins

Title: The Turning of Anne Merrick
Author: Christine Blevins
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: February 7, 2012
paperback, 440 pages
ISBN: 978-0-425-23679-6
Genre: Historical Fiction

A tale of love and espionage from the author of Midwife of the Blue Ridge...
She spies for General Washington, betrays the Redcoats and battles for America's independence...
It's 1777, and a fledgling country wages an almost hopeless struggle against the might of the British Empire. Brought together by a fateful kiss, Anne Merrick and Jack Hampton are devoted to each other and to their Patriot cause. As part of Washington's daring network of spies, they are ready and willing to pay even the ultimate price for freedom.
From battlefields raging along the Hudson, to the desperate winter encampment at Valley Forge and through the dangerous intrigue of British-occupied Philadelphia, Anne and Jack brave the trials of separation, the ravages of war and an unyielding enemy growing ever more ruthless.
For love and for country, all is put at risk-and together the pair must call upon their every ounce of courage and cunning in order to survive.

My thoughts:
I love a good historical fiction novel and this definitely qualifies as one. The Turning of Anne Merrick takes place during the American Revolutionary War. Anne Merrick is a widow who has infiltrated the Red coat's camp as she spies for General Washington. Anne and her companion Sally work among the soldiers and their families, desperate to find out any information that might be useful for the Americans. She leaves secret messages so that her love, Jack Hampton will find it and pass the intelligence on to wage their attack. 
Anne and Jack have a complicated relationship. They are both spies as well as loyal patriots willing to do what ever it takes to win the war. This often results in long separations. However when they do get together it is so sweet. The author did a wonderful job portraying the hard ships of this time for these two lovers. They were so close at times, yet so far away. 
Anne is a great character. She is strong, smart, witty and most important very brave. I also love that the author made her caring and compassionate as well. I also love Sally. Sally says what ever is on her mind and she doesn't let anyone take advantage of her. 
The story line to this novel was exciting. I was so nervous for Anne while she was spying. The author kept me on the edge of my seat. This is one of those books that I stayed up late to finish because I couldn't bear to put it down. This is the second book in this series. I did not read the first book but The Turning of Anne Merrick stood on it's own two feet. I don't feel like I missed anything. I would absolutely go back and read the first book, The Tory Widow, because I adored this story so much. This is also a series that I would continue reading as well. 
The Turning of Anne Merrick is a story of survival, love, loyalty and hope. It's an up close and personal look inside the war that gave America it's freedom. If you love history, this is a book that you should read.
My rating:

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