Review: Vanity and Valor by R. Lynn

Title: Vanity and Valor
Author: R. Lynn
Publisher: Sui Generis
Publication Date: December 12, 2011
Genre: Historical Fiction

His father’s dying wish was for him to give up racing chariots and focus on being the new Dominus. The problem with that was, all he ever wanted to do was race chariots. When his desires and duty clash he finds himself at the verge of losing everything. 
She was sold into slavery by her father and purchased by Rome’s champion charioteer. Forced to work in his trigarium with the horses, she learns that women hold little to no value and that a prized racehorse has more rights than she does. When faced with the choice to risk her life and deny her status… will she? Doing so could get both her and her Dominus killed.

My thoughts:
Sellah Katarius is an eighteen year old girl that was sold into slavery by her father. She is strong-willed, beautiful, full of spirit and very brave, however she lives in a time where those characteristics  are not valued. The time she lives in is ancient Rome. A time of great works of art, philosophy and also a time a morbid cruelty. Sellah's circumstances will not bring her down. She decides that she can handle anything life throws her way. Including the new Dominus. The Dominus was a rock star chariot driver. Every man wanted to be him. Every woman wanted to sleep with him. Sellah can see two different sides to the Dominus, one side he's compassionate and kind and the other he's a pompous jerk. In this story you can see how he struggles with who he is and who he wants to become and how the world sees him.
He's drawn to Sellah but his pride gets in the way.   Dominus puts everything at risk when he makes a wager that could make him lose everything. 
Vanity and Valor by R. Lynn is a wonderful read. The story was well written and very exciting at times. The author brought me to the edge of my seat during the chariot race. It left me feeling anxious and breathless. Although some parts of this story made me cringe, the author did a great job with the authenticity of the time period. Vanity and Valor provoked a variety of emotions in me. If you like historical fiction and you're fascinated by ancient Rome, this is a book I would recommend. 
My rating:
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*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinion.


  1. Thanks for sharing this gem with us!

  2. Hmm...not my cup of tea, but enjoyed your eview all the same! Sounds like those chariot races were something to see (I mean ^_^


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