Review: Dark Shadows by D.J. Arneson

Title: Dark Shadows: The Original Series Story Digest, Interrupted Voyage
Author: D.J. Arneson
Publisher: Hermes Press
Publication Date: February 28, 2012
Source: ebook from Netgalley
ISBN: 978-1-61345-019-2
Genre: Paranormal

In anticipation of the big screen release of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton''s blockbuster film version of Dark Shadows, an original, graphic novelization of Dark Shadows: The Original Series is available now Written by D. J. Arneson and illustrated by Dark Shadows comic book artist Joe Certa, this book presents a complete extended story with over forty illustrations. This intriguing tale finds Angelique casting Barnabas back to 17th Century Salem All artwork has been painstakingly, digitally colored to perfection. Also included is an extensive photo supplement from the original series.

My thoughts:
Dark Shadows was a very popular Gothic soap opera in the late 60's and early 70's. It was very melodramatic and it featured the ever famous, Barnabas Collins. Dark Shadows had all sorts of supernatural creatures making an appearance such as vampires. witches, werewolves and more. This series has been off of television for quite some time. It spawned several books, films, and in the early 90's a short lived television comeback. In May of 2012, a Dark Shadows movie starring Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer produced by Tim Burton will be on the big screen. Dark Shadows: The Original Story Digest is the short story that started it all.
If you're looking for something Buffyesque, this is not it. In an age where we've grown up reading and watching all sorts of paranormal themed books and television shows you might find this book rather cheesy. If you've ever seen Dark Shadows you'll instantly fall back into the familiarity of the television show. In the Interrupted Voyage, Barnabas is transported back in time when he sees his ghostly cousin, Annabella, who died a tragic death in the 17th century. Barnabas and Annabella go to rescue her fiance who has been taken prisoner by a witch. This story is very melodramatic, campy and full of inner dialog. This book contains comic book like pictures of many of the scenes written in this book. In the back of the book there are several photos of the original television cast.
If you're a fan of the cult television series this would be a book I would definitely recommend   however if not, then this book probably isn't for you.
My rating:


  1. How did I miss the news about the new movie? *-* Gotta pass the book rec as well as the movie news onto Mom....she use to love the show, once upon a time. Thanks for the heads up! ^_^

  2. My mom as well as my MIL are fans of the show. My hubs and I have watched a few season of Dark Shadows on Netflix.


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